Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Push It... Ahhh Push It...

I hope you all now have the Salt-N-Pepa song stuck in your head for the rest of the day. I know I will!

Today I am going over to my Aunt's house for a dinner party. I said I would bring a dessert so I whipped up these bad boys in a few minutes. It took longer to unwrap the Rolos than it did to make the dessert! I found the recipe here. Aldi didn't have pecans and I don't eat walnuts, so I improvised and used roasted almonds. They worked out just as well.

As I know I won't have time to run tonight, I hit up the office fitness center. Tuesday has been my speed work day for the past few weeks and today was no different. Today I did 10x400m for a total of 2.5 miles. I alternated between 400m at 7:00 pace and 400m at 10:00 pace (except I ran the first 400m at 9:00 pace as a kind of warm up ish). I tried to be a pro and took a pic of the treadmill when I was done, but for some reason the time didn't show up since it was in "pause" mode. As I've never taken a treadmill photo before, I assume this is a rookie mistake. Either way, I calculated out what my time would be, about 21 minutes. Thanks Excel for always knowing how to fix my problems!

I felt pretty proud of myself for this distance. Most speed workouts I stop at 2 miles or just over. That last 400m was really tough, but I was so happy when I finished. If I keep this up, I'll have no problem building a strong base for my half marathons this year! With all this blogger talk about the Las Vegas Marathon and Half Marathon, I'm getting excited for my upcoming races. I really want to do a 10k this upcoming year and any recommendations are welcome!


  1. Just found you- great job getting the speedwork in! I also did my first marathon in 2011 and totally get that you "can't stop talking about" running! :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by! I've met so many other fellow bloggers that completed their first marathon in 2011. Congrats to you! I also love how everyone says their "first" and not "only." Meaning, we are officially crazies and plan on completing another in the future at some point. Pretty pumped about this speed work and working towards a PR during the 5K on 12/18!

  3. I'm thinking about doing the Rockdale Ramblin Run 10K in April. Actually, I'm thinking about signing up for the Joliet Run 3 series. Other 10K's I'm looking at are Bloom & Zoom in Lisle (I think at the Arboretum) and I think Fleet Feet does a women's 5K and 10K in July.

  4. These all sound like fun options Maggie! I'll have to look on Run Chicago South for these and other updates! Thanks so much :)

    I've been debating about the Joliet Run 3 series, but I just registered for the Southwest Half Marathon, the Shamrock Shuffle registration will be available soon, and its Christmas time. :/ It might not be in the race budget...