About Me

When I first started running, I was 14 and a freshman in high school. I made the track team and was a mid-distance sprinter. The 400m was my race. My coach always tried to convince me to run farther and join cross country. Those distances were for crazy people and not sprinters like me!

In college, I fell off the running bandwagon and tried to live the college lifestyle. I soon found myself unhappy with my weight looking for the indoor track and trying to find a safe course around school. At the same time, reality set in that there if I wanted to run a race, I was going to have to suck it up and increase my distance to at least a 5k.

A friend of mine convinced me to run the Jim Gibbons 5k in 2006 and I haven't stopped since. The Shamrock Shuffle has become an annual event with my friends since 2007.
A photo history of the Shamrock Shuffle 2007-2012

I finished my first half marathon in 2008 and many other shorter distances in  2009. In 2010 I got married and took most of the year off from running. My husband (Toph) and I both moved from the big city to the suburbs where we bought a house together and currently live with our dog, Pepper.

My husband and I on our wedding day
In October of every year, I get marathon fever watching friends complete the Chicago Marathon as I cheer from the side lines. I had made it half way once and I knew I wanted to do the whole thing. I started running miles around my neighborhood in January 2011, with my first Garmin distance of 0.6 miles. The training process was long, hot, and time consuming. Working full time while also training full time was difficult, it was worth it in the end. After the training, I was ready to go at the starting line of the Chicago Marathon. The sun was blazing and I wasn't able to finish due to a case of heat exhaustion. The first time around, I didn't reach my goal as so many of my friends and running buddies did. Thanks to the encouragement of my friend Amanda, my pace leader, and my husband, I went up to Grand Rapids the next weekend and completed my first marathon. Things didn't work out as planned and I didn't get the time I wanted, but I finished, which is what I've learned is most important for your first marathon. I always said I would only run one marathon, but with how things went down, I'm not so sure about that anymore. I know I can do better and I still want that Chicago medal!
First Marathon Medal!

When not training for a marathon, I usually only run about 3 days a week and keep my long runs comfortable to where I could run a half marathon on a whim. This schedule has worked out pretty well for me--all about quality over quantity in my opinion!
Family photo 2011
I became an Oiselle ambassador in 2012 and I absolutely love running for such a great company! I usually don't like to hype up certain brands or anything but Oiselle is a company I really stand behind. (Check out their website for more information.) If you see me at a race, I'll most likely be wearing their singlet (and various other pieces of Oiselle gear)!

Just when I was thinking about signing up for another marathon, the universe had other plans for me and we are had our little Baby Wilson, Patricia Rose, in September 2013!
Mom and Baby at 20 weeks

I had my beautiful baby girl, Patsy, in September 2013

Out for a run with Miss Patsy!

And now, guess what!? I'm pregnant with #2! Scheduled to arrive in February 2016. I hope you're ready for the fun adventure ahead!

This blog is about my journey from here on, helping me to keep track of what I do, how I feel, and how I do. I love seeing how the blog has evolved since I first started it in 2011. I always try to be honest and open about my feelings to keep things real here on the old blog. I hope you enjoy the ride! Thanks for reading!