Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday Gymday

Today I met up with my friend Amanda to lift some weights at Charter/Cardinal Fitness. She frequently uses their personal trainer and I was hoping she could teach me some cool things to do on the equipment. We worked our arms (biceps and triceps) and abs. I learned a few different machines, learned some new exercises with free weights, and learned how to do some moves with a medicine ball. I was feeling the burn and know I will be one sore pup tomorrow. I don't think I could explain the workouts we did very well. Even pictures don't do the trick. Plus, even if I am using pictures or a description, I don't know how my form is, etc. Amanda and I have talked about doing this more often and I'd totally be down for that.

Today we celebrated my husband's grandma's 80th birthday. She's the sweetest woman in the world and it was a wonderful time. I ate way too much food, of course. I don't even want to know the day's calorie count, but its okay. I had time to catch up on The Walking Dead but am still so far behind on Boardwalk Empire. When you have like 3 boring episodes in a row, it makes it difficult to want to catch up.

My friend Kate and I have been looking up some ideas for a destination half marathon. Boston and Nashville are two towns we were thinking of. She has family in Boston and we have friends in Nashville. Either way, we could drive and wouldn't have to pay for a hotel room. Hopefully the planning and timing will work out because that would be a fun time. Possibilities: Boston 13.1 or Run to Remember... Nashville Women's Half Marathon...

Now it is time for another work week...


  1. Lol Kelly! How do you feel today? You did great at the gym! Thanks for going with me!

  2. I feel great today! The arms are a little sore--I had a blast. We have to do that more often. Doing sets are always more fun with a buddy!