Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Lazy and Productive Monday

In celebration of the Christmas holiday, I was off work on Monday. To celebrate, I went over to my dad's house for breakfast, tried to catch up on laundry, and was lazy. I spent most of the day wearing the Santa Snuggie we received in our random grab bag. Here are some more photos from our lovely Christmas Eve and morning!
I plan on wearing that all winter long.
Yes, my husband crosses his eyes in every photo
Family photo!
As you can tell, I'm obsessed with my dog. We got matching pajamas.

Normally I don't get home from work until 6:15 so I am never able to make the fun runs at Running for Kicks that start at 6 every Monday. However, I was able to make it out in time for my first run with the group. When I got there, I was acting shy as I didn't know anyone there and everyone seemed to know each other. Then Joe arrived and Amanda soon after. Because we run through the streets of Palos, I thought it would be fun to bring the pup and get in her run for the week as well. Special thanks to Judy for taking these photos!

Amanda and I ran the whole 4.35 miles together, with the dog as well in 41:57. She (the dog, not Amanda) had a rough first quarter mile (shocking, right?) with lots and lots of pulling (she wanted to run with the 7 min mile group apparently). After the group spread out a bit, we found our stride. As I'd like to take her to a race eventually, I want to try to get her used to running with a group while still listening to me. I figure the more we practice, the better she'll be! (We're going to try another attempt on Wednesday.) It was great running with Amanda again, post injury report. I'm getting excited for Christie Clinic training!! In the end, I was happy to turn a lazy Monday into a productive one, ending the day with a good run.

Now, it's back to work for the next few days. But I'm going to try to work from home Wednesday through Friday. My boss told me to use my discretion. Considering how slow and bored I already am (before 9am), that is the definite plan.

What types of workouts do you usually do on Mondays? Group runs? Cross training? Rest days? I usually like to start off the week with a weights workout, to start off the week "strong." (Pun intended.)


  1. Does that mean you might make it out for a Wednesday night run with the FNRC? :)

  2. Yes, that is the plan! I'm going to bring the dog too!

  3. Glad I was able to make it! Wish I could go more and can't wait until I pick my endurance up a bit again! Knee felt really good so that's a plus! Your dog is too cute! And an awesome runner she is!

  4. I'm glad your knee felt good! You'll have to let me know what your dad says about the chili on January 2! It sounds like a delicious idea to me!!

    That dog helps me not pay attention to the hills I might be running. Once we get that pace steady, she'll run the same speed forever (unless she sees a rabbit or squirrel). :)

  5. Looks like you had a good christmas! your dog is adorable :)

  6. We are really lucky, we did have a wonderful Christmas... Thanks so much! I'm kind of obsessed with my dog so there are already pictures of her everywhere! Haha