Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas Lights Run

Being new to the blogging community, I was elated that Jodi (RunJodiRun) would like to feature me in her weekly Thumbs Up Thursday. Please head on over to Jodi's blog to check it out. If you're seeing this because you came over from Jodi's blog, welcome!

I can't believe today is December 1st. Today is also the beginning of the Frozen Tundra Challenge. Since I've planned on running through the winter and increasing the distance, why not sign up to win some prizes too!: 100 miles from December 1, 2011 through January 31, 2012. Prize winners are chosen at random if you complete the mileage. First Place Prize: Free pair of kicks from Fleet Feet Chicago, with the whole 9 yards (gait analysis, etc.); Second Place Prize:$50 gift certificate to Fleet Feet Chicago; Third Place Prize: race entry into Fleet Feet Sport’s 2012 Ravenswood 5K. Winners will be selected the week following the challenge in random order. To sign up, all you have to do is create a DailyMile account, if you don't already have one, and sign up for the challenge here. I'm still debating whether or not to sign up for a January half marathon. I recently found out about another one (F^3 Lake Half Marathon) later in the month on Saturday, January 28. It is the 3rd year of the event so there will probably be less hiccups than the Polar Dash. The medal comes with a bottle opener feature, gender-specific race shirt, and hot chocolate after the race. It is 90% full so I have to decide quick what I'm going to do.

Last night I went for a 5 mile run after my CCD class (I teach every religious education at my church every Wednesday night). I decided to run up and down the streets looking at Christmas lights! I had on all my reflective gear and head light. I snapped a pic of me in my gear, in the spirit of a true runnerd.
Road Runner reflective vest, Sharper Image head light

This is my absolute favorite time of year, so why not add some fun to my run?! I stopped to snap a few pics along the way...

I was hoping to see one of the houses as described below, based on the new internet-crazed photo, but no such luck...

For dinner I had a Southwestern Salad from Specialtys. It is my new go-to Wednesday meal as I can grab it in my building on the way to the train station before class. After class, my stomach is settled and I'm ready to run. The salad has avocados, garbanzo beans, and black beans so I feel like I'm getting a good amount of nutrition from something that tastes totally delicious! I've become lazy this winter and haven't been drinking as much water during the day. I realize I need to be better about this. Even though the sun isn't beating down on you, that doesn't mean you don't need the 8+ glasses of water each day! If I plan on increasing the miles, I need to take my nutrition seriously.


  1. Love the running gear Kelly (especially the headlight)! I need some more reflective gear for the winter months! Need to be safe (and warm!)!

    I also love running around the houses with lights. It keeps your mind entertained!

  2. Looking at where I ran, a normal person would probably think I was lost. Nope! Just site seeing! :)

  3. Such a fun way to see lights! I love it! Congrats on your 2011 marathon! I am running my first on SUNDAY! Ah!

  4. Thanks Amy! It is a wonderful experience! The best advice I can give is to not be too focused on your time. The first time around, the best goal is to cross the finish line. Best of luck!! I'll look on your blog for the outcome :)

  5. Nice!! There is a street in Flossmoor on the way to my brother's house that I want to run down. They string white lights over the street, basically from one tree to another so it creates kind of like a canopy, all up and down the street. It would make for some sweet pictures (and feel really cool while running).

    Also you are near Mokena, right? Have you seen "Candy Cane Lane" (First Court, off of Schoolhouse Rd, just north of the train tracks - I used to live near there).

  6. Maggie, that street in Homewood sounds AMAZING. When my husband and I first bought our house in 2009, I wanted to get to know the town better. I somehow convinced him to drive around and look at Christmas lights, creating a new tradition. We stumbled upon Candy Cane Lane that first Christmas and we made a return trip last year too. It is only my favorite block in the entire town of Mokena! Haha... Can't wait for our drive this year, hot cocoa in hand. :)