Saturday, December 17, 2011

The 1st Snowy Saturday

After a really exhausting week, I decided to take Friday as another rest day. I haven't slept well in days, and I decided sleep was more important. On the plus side, when I came home on Friday, my Fuel Belt had arrived that I won from Run for Pi(e)'s giveaway!
I haven't gotten the chance to try it out yet, but I fully plan to on a day when it isn't raining or snowing. Speaking of snow, I met up with the FNRC this morning to run 8 miles. It was snowing when we started, but cleared up about 1.5 miles in. It was the first snowy run of the year!
F'N Runners
Me, Maggie, and Diane
And I FINALLY got a chance to meet Maggie at RFP (photo credit), which I was pretty excited about. There was a really great group of 5 of us that all ran the same pace. It felt really good to run in the snow, an exciting glimpse into what will come in the weeks ahead!
Here is a picture of the trail, with more footprints on the way back than on the way out! There was one of us that completely wiped out. That someone was me. Susan, one of the other runners, said that "Kelly looked awesome on her landing. I give her a '10' for doing it with a smile!" I couldn't help but laugh-at least when I fall, I do it gracefully (if that is somehow possible??). Complete with wipeout, our total distance according to my Garmin was 7.97 miles in 1:18:07. Not too shabby considering the weather conditions! As the day went on, the temps went up and most of the snow was cleared. I really love running in the snow. What are your favorite running conditions to run in??

Right now I am watching the Polar Express and plan on going to bed early as I'm running a 5k in the morning. I was hoping to officially PR the course, but there are quite a few twists and turns so we'll see how it goes! There will be a few Yankee Runners in attendance, so that should be fun. I will take more pictures and post a race review tomorrow.

Also, I'm kind of obsessed with a new salad. Spring mix, tomatoes, baby bella mushrooms, Morningstar chik'n patty, Hidden Valley Light Ranch.
I have to pick up more tomatoes and mushrooms, but I've had it for lunch 2 days in a row and I plan on completing the trifecta tomorrow.


  1. It was so good to finally meet you too! Hope you love the FuelBelt. I'm hoping Santa brings me a waist FuelBelt. I have the handheld but it only holds 10oz (I won it off of someone else's blog giveaway). I'll need something more during marathon training (plus even if I could refill it mid-run, I can only stand holding something in my hand for so long). Although it did fit nicely in one of the inside pockets of my jacket yesterday, so at least it will get me through the winter.

  2. I'm jealous of your snow run - ready and waiting here in NH!

    PS - Your salad looks de-lish :)

  3. I'm sure it will be there soon enough (and stay longer than you want it to). Thanks! I'm trying to take more pictures of my food--for accountability's sake. I'm trying to be better about eating green things, even in winter!

  4. Now that we've finally met, With the weather as hot as it was this past summer, having enough hydration is important. I have the water bottles in the washing machine right now. I can't wait to test them out!! :)

  5. I hope you got your PR today!

    Nice pace in the snow!!! I usually wipe out a few times a year. I haven't been injured yet!!!

  6. I did get my PR, thanks so much! I'll have a full post and race review tomorrow, I'm just waiting on a few pictures (including one with Santa)!

  7. You have the water bottles in the washing machine? What?

  8. Oops, apparently I can't watch TV and blog at the same time. I meant in the sink to be washed... NOT in the washing machine. Haha