Saturday, December 3, 2011

Fall Weather Satruday

In attempting to reach my goal of an increased regular distance, I met up with the Frankfort Running Group today for an 8 mile run. Most of the group was going a bit faster but since I still haven't kicked this cold I'm still not feeling my best. This cold and congestion won't go away. I'm hoping that some vitamin c and extra rest will hope do the trick. The total distance was 8.01 miles in 1:13:26 (with 9:10 splits). It was raining on the way to the run, but the sun cleared just before we would start. Thankfully I was well prepared with my running fashion as shown below. Don't mind the greasy hair and cheeseball smile.
Newton Ready to Run 20 Miler tee, Saucony arm warmers

Nike Cyclone Vapor Running Jacket
After finishing the run, I felt good. Sore knees for about 5 minutes but after a walk around Lowe's, it was all good. I took a pic of the trail after our run. What a picturesque fall/winter day!

The girls came over for an ornament making party and we ate a ton of snacks. I was happy to start off the day burning 778 calories, as I promptly ate them back in spinach-artichoke dip and chili cheese dip. WORTH IT! I made 3 new ornaments to go on the tree, including a snitch! I was very excited to add such a prestigious ornament to the collection.

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