Famous Runners

Lauren Fleshman - Bird Camp, August 2015

Nick Symmonds - Chicago Marathon Expo, October 2014

Lauren Fleshman - Fleet Feet Chicago Shakeout Run, September 2014

Dathan Ritzenhein - Chicago Marathon Kickoff Party, February 2013

Tera Moody - F^3 Half Marathon, January 2013
(Photo unavailable so Maggie put this gem together for me)

Sara Hall - Zooma Half Marathon, October 2012

Desi Davila - Chicago Marathon Expo, October 2012

Dr. Andy Baldwin - Rock N Roll Chicago Half Marathon, July 2012

So, he's not a runner, but I met Xzibit when I was in France. True Story.
He even invited us to his hotel party, but we had to go back to make out flight home.

And I'm throwing this in here, just for fun...