Thursday, September 27, 2012

Cross Training and Another Video of my Dog

I haven't been as good about my cross training lately. I feel guilty about it as I just haven't made the time to do it. There really isn't a better excuse than that... I have a rowing machine in my basement and a workout facility at the office. I have the tools, I just need to get back to utilizing them!!!

I've also had lots of talks recently with some of my friends that do crossfit, and I've been thinking of possibly dabbling. I know things would be tough, but I think I could learn a lot about efficiency and form. Have you done crossfit before? I know there are quite a few running bloggers out there who have started to get into it.

In other news, I took a funny video of my dog that I thought I would share. It really is no secret that she likes toys and playing tug of war.

When playing, she does this really funny thing where she shakes her head violently from side to side, trying to get the rope. I consider it cheating but she isn't known for playing games in a clean way!

What a brat dog! (But I still love her anyways, duh.) Also, when we play fetch, she drops the tennis ball at my feet and then goes out to where she wants me to throw it. What a little cheat! Does your pet have a favorite game? Does your pet cheat at their favorite games too?

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Couscous and Tempos

When it comes to cooking, I'm pretty lazy. Lately, however, I've been trying to be better about cooking meals for me and Toph to try to get into some good habits before we start a family. It is definitely challenging while working full time, studying, and running. Whenever I find a recipe that is easy and not too bad for you, I put it into the (very small) rotation. A friend had made a couscous salad once for a barbecue and when I finally replicated it, I was amazed at how easy it was! I'm sure there are lots of variations that you could come up with, but this is the base and what I made for me and Toph.

Olive oil
Feta cheese
Fake chicken (but I'm sure you could use real chicken instead)
Green onions (optional)
Avocado (optional)

Couscous has to be one of the easiest things to make. Do you know how to boil water? If the answer is yes, you know how to make couscous. (I'm not joking.)

After cooking the couscous (with the olive oil) and fake chicken, I put all the ingredients in a bowl together after chopping up the (already oven roasted) almonds and tomatoes.
Clockwise from Top: tomatoes from our garden, fluffed couscous, fake chicken and diced almonds, 
Mix ingredients in a bowl, chill for 15-30 minutes in the freezer (if desired), and serve. It is such an easy, easy dinner that is tasty and not too bad for you! I only seasoned with pepper as I know the fake chicken already contains a lot of sodium, but feel free to salt and pepper to your heart's desire! We had a few avocados that needed to be used yesterday so I sliced them up and put them on top. They added a buttery texture that only made the recipe better! Toph and I also despise onions so I left those out of the recipe as well. To those onion lovers, feel free to add them in!

After eating dinner and letting my stomach settle, I went out for a tempo run. With vacations and weddings, I haven't been able to get in as much speedwork as I would have liked in recent weeks, so I was a little apprehensive to go after it last night. The plan was to do 5 miles with 3 of them at tempo. When I was approaching mile 3, self-doubt started to creep in and I wanted to stop. My legs thought I could do it and so I pushed on for one more tempo mile. I completed the workout (tempo splits were 7:57, 7:54, 7:51), and I felt exhausted and accomplished at the same time. It was obvious during the workout that some of my fitness has dropped off since I was working with Coach Britt, but I knew this would happen. I'm just happy that I'm able to get out there and get these legs moving again! I think my next goal race is going to be the F^3 Half Marathon on Saturday, January 26. I'm going to be able to focus much more on my workouts after the exam on December 1. The temps last night were a little warmer than I had anticipated so I came back pretty sweaty from my workout.
Just a little sweaty

Do you like the recipes I occasionally post on my blog? Have any of you made any of the things I've posted?  Obviously I'm no chef, but I like to share when I find things that are easy and delicious! If you've made something I suggested, please let me know! :)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Finally Fall and a little Oiselle Love

It seems as if fall has finally arrived. Temperatures are cooler, it is getting darker earlier, and the pumpkin flavored things are everywhere! I don't know if I would put away the running tank tops just yet, but it sure feels nice to run in capris! Fall running clothes are my absolute favorite. Arm warmers, light jackets, long sleeves, capri pants... Another reason why I am oh-so-thankful to be a runner for Oiselle: their fall kit. I received it a few weeks ago but temperatures have been too warm to wear any of the gear. The past two weeks I've been able to break in and wear a few of the pieces and they are amazing, as expected!

I pretty much LIVE in the Onyx jacket and wear it to work almost every day instead of a normal jacket. Can we say runnerd? Probably. (But that is nothing new...)

The Run Tee is also my new favorite "Casual Friday" office outfit.
If you'd like to purchase any of the Oiselle gear shown here, check out their website! If you're a first-time purchaser, use code "RUNTODAY" at the checkout for 10% off your order. Some of their stuff is also available at Running Warehouse and Amazon.

It has even been cool enough for Pepper to once again join me for a run! Our first run of the season was on Sunday with the FNRC. We went 4 miles and she did really well. She was a little hard on the leash as there were a lot of rabbits and squirrels on the trail, but I know she'll get better once we are back to our old routine.
I'm really excited to be running with Pepper more! She may even start to occasionally join us on our Thursday runs!

What is your favorite running season? Are you also as excited about fall running clothes as I am??

Haeleum Giveaway Winner

The winner of the Haeleum bandanna is...

Laurel Cedarblade @ Pace of Laurel

Congratulations to Laurel! Please contact me at Runningkellometers at gmail dot com to claim your prize! As stated in the original giveaway post, you have 72 hours (until Friday, September 28 at 9am CST) to contact me before a new winner is chosen.

Thanks for all of your entries! :) If you would like to purchase a piece of Haeleum gear for yourself, the GearBuzz deal is still going on! 50% off when you enter code "gearbuzz50" at the checkout.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Back in the Day, I Used to be Fast

Since I'm really good at procrastinating, I decided to go digging in the basement to delay studying and packing before heading off to Las Vegas. I found some gems from my high school track days that I thought I would share as I occasionally mention the days of yore.

As a little history, I joined the track team at my high school when I was a freshman. I had never really held any interest in running before but some of my friends were trying out so I thought I would give it a try. (The mile in junior high gym class had been torture.) My cousin was also into running so I figured it would be fun.
I made the team and I ran the 400m consistently. Comparatively to other schools, I wasn't that fast. But for our school, I was one of the faster 400m runners and was consistently in the open event (my PR was 62.something. I never broke 60 although it was one of my goals all through my 3 year career). I enjoyed running this race but felt I never mastered it. I always either started too slow or too fast.  
Getting ready in the starting blocks for a 100m hurdle race.
Probably around 1999 or 2000. Pigtail buns with feathers were really cool.

I think I still have that problem even now with longer distances. Haha, I guess some things don't change? When I ran track, I was pretty stubborn and never wanted to join the "distance" runners and compete in the 800m or 1600m. I was a sprinter, and those distance runners were so "clique-y." I sometimes wonder what would have happened if I would have given the longer distances a try. In addition to the 400m, I also dabbled in the long jump, high jump, and hurdles. If you've read my blog before, you know I'm not very coordinated. How I was enlisted to complete these events, I'll never know. I was a terrible hurdler and an even worse high jumper. I think my lack of fear (and lack of other eager participants) helped me participate in these events. As I dug through the box of old memorabilia, I stumbled upon some medals from these events.
I think there must have only been 2 high jump participants that day... I swear...

Either way, it was fun to look back and reflect on what I did back then and how far I've come! If you would have told my 16 year old self that I would complete a marathon before I was 30, I probably would have told you that you were crazy. I never wanted to run more than 2 miles, let alone 26.2!
Apparently I wasn't always a heel striker...
The home stretch in my first heat of the 400m

I really cherish my memories on the track team and every time I watch track on TV I feel really nostalgic about the days in which I used to run on the track. I think I need to incorporate more track workouts as part of my normal cycle, just to feel like I'm 16 again! :)
In front with unflattering grey sweatpants; resting between events, junior year, 2001

Did you play any sports in high school? Did you run track? Do you incorporate track workouts as part of your normal running routine?

P.S. Today is the LAST DAY to enter my Haeleum giveaway! Entries are accepted until 11:59CST today!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Las Vegas Hangover

Don't forget to enter my Haeleum Insect Repelling Clothing Giveaway! You have until Monday, September 24th to enter.

Sorry for the lack of posts lately! The husband and I have returned from Las Vegas, safe and sound (although, with less money than when we left). I didn't get much running done while I was gone since you have to pay to use the fitness center at the hotel and the sidewalks are not really conducive to running. Now I'm back home and plan on going for a run today for the first time since Saturday. (Oops). We did a lot of walking while we were there and this is yet another reason why I'm glad I'm not running the marathon this year. :)

We did venture off the strip and go for a hike in the Red Rock Canyon. It was breathtakingly beautiful! My friend has one of those fancy cameras and got some great pics, but for now I'll hold you over with a pic from my iPhone.
All of the landmarks and everything about Red Rocks was so pretty. We went for a 2 mile hike and I'm not sure if we ended up in the right place. There was a fork in the trail that wasn't on the map (I know those are always fun). Either way we got some nice photos and had a fun time!

Overall, we had a really fun time and it was a fun trip. I'll probably put together a restaurant post in the next few days with some of the fun places we ate!

Some of the things I liked about Las Vegas:
The food was really amazing almost every where we went. It was hard to have a bad meal.
There wasn't humidity so my hair actually held a curl (what???)

Things I didn't like about Las Vegas:
The air was so dry, I was constantly thirsty and my throat was dry and sore the whole trip
Most things are expensive every where you go
There was no room in the fridge for anything because there had to be room for the mini bar items, that were electronically monitored. (You were charged if it was lifted up.)

Have you ever been to Las Vegas before? What did you think of it??

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

20 FN Miles (I Only Did 10)

As I may have previously mentioned a few times before, I run with the Frankfort New Lenox running club. We call ourselves the FN Runners. This past Saturday, the group put on a supported 20 mile run out on the trail with help from a local grocery chain (Berkot's supplied water, cups, Gatorade, bananas, and oranges) and a local running store (Running For Kicks provided Gu). The stations were manned by other members of the group and helped by local high school kids. So many people helped to make this run great and I was happy to be a part of it! I didn't help by manning an aid station, though. I cheered at the half way point, helped direct some folks where to go until I met up with Maggie and I ran the 2nd half with her. I know Maggie's had a few posts lately about how she's burnt out on running and tired all the time. It is at that point in the training cycle so I was happy to help lend some fresh legs and fresh energy out there for the 2nd 10 miles!

I hadn't run 10 miles in a few weeks so I wasn't sure how things would go. However, knowing someone was depending on me, I knew I couldn't let them down. In some of the chaos of the morning, I forgot my Garmin. I was kind of glad because I wasn't obsessing about how far we were, etc. we chatted a lot about food (what can I say? I like food) and the miles seemed to breeze by. There was tons of support along the way which was really amazing. (This running club seriously rocks. And there isn't a membership fee to join! You just have to show up!) Before I knew it, we were at mile 8 and only had 2 left to go. I think I said a couple times, "Only 2 left?!" We had a little fun quoting Dylan from Modern Family. (I couldn't find a YouTube video of the clip.) "This is the farthest I've ever run....... Now this is the farthest I've ever run...... Now THIS is the farthest I've ever run." that never got old (to me at least).
Thanks for snapping this great photo Amanda!

When we finished, there were cold beers, water, and more Gatorade waiting for us. I was so excited for those that finished their last long run before the marathon and now it is taper time. I gotta say, I like vicariously living through my friends running the marathon without having to complete the entire distance. Haha I'll be back out there to run another marathon some day, but I'm glad that time isn't now.

Have you gone out and supported folks during a training run or race before? Do you have similar thoughts as me? :)

When I was finished, I went home and ate a delicious cupcake from Cupcakes for Courage in Chicago. It is a food truck (with a recently opened store front) and their cupcakes are THE BEST in the city. That's right. I said it.
Best in the city.

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Monday, September 17, 2012

Haeleum Insect Repellent Clothing Review & Giveaway

In case you all haven't noticed, it has been a hot summer here in Chicago. It has been one of the hottest summers of my entire life actually (not an exaggeration). Now that fall is approaching and it is getting cooler, it seems that the mosquitoes are in full force out there. They are huge, brutal, and hungry. Being outside for only a few minutes can lead to several bites, let alone out on the trail. Even after my run a few days ago, I had 2-3 bites from standing around for 10 minutes in the dark.

When I saw an ad in Buzz Feed for a company that made insect repelling clothing (Haeleum), I was very interested. The "Insect Shield" technology aims to propel against mosquitoes, ticks, chiggers, and all other types of nasty insects that cause a havoc to humans and their pets. It is also EPA approved and safe for use around infants as well. You can find out more information on the technology behind the product on Haeleum's website here. I contacted them to see if I could test out one of their products. They sent me a t-shirt to try out on one of our night runs out on the trail. This past Thursday, the temps were cool enough for sleeves and I gave it a try.

Oretta in Midnight
I had originally asked for a small but was told it was probably best to go up a size so I ordered the medium instead. It was a little too big but I think the small would have still been too small. Either way, I suggest going up a size if you're looking to purchase one of your own.

I wasn't sure what to expect before heading out on the run as it was kind of chilly and I wasn't sure how many bugs we'd actually see. After taking our group photo, we headed out onto the trail.

L to R: Me, Maggie, Kim, Amanda W, Jill, Bob, Kim and her daughter.
Front: Amanda C with Aby and Michael

Turns out the trail has a big gnat problem. There were swarms/clouds of gnats or whatever kind of bugs, and I was pretty much unaffected in my Haeleum shirt. My fellow runners were coughing/choking on bugs as I just smiled and may have squealed "It works!" Coming from someone who is pretty spastic when it comes to bugs, I was excited about my shirt. The run continued and we had some more bug problems and I continued to remain pretty unaffected compared to other runners. In the end, everyone was jealous of my shirt and wanted one of their own!

I had a few questions after the run about my shirt. How do you take care of this type of garment? Simple washing and drying does the trick (up to 70 washes), as long as you don't dry clean or spot clean for stains. I have hard water, and I specifically asked if the salt for the softener (or extra minerals) would change things and the answer was no. Hard water or regular water... effective up to 70 washes! Does it smell like bug spray? No! It just smelled like any other new dry-fit shirt and was nice and sweaty after my run (so it smelled like sweat.) With how hot this summer has been, I'm looking forward to wearing this tee to more training runs out in the woods.

With my shirt, they also sent me a bandanna/scarf that I'm going to giveaway to one lucky reader! Sorry Pepper, no new fashion accessories for you!

If you're uninterested in the bandanna and want a piece of the clothing yourself, there is a Gear Buzz code for 50% off (I'm not sure when it expires). Use the code: gearbuzz50 when checking out. 
I held up my hand to help scale
And if you don't like to wear bandannas but have a dog or cat, you can totally put it on your pet as well! (I didn't test this out on Pepper in fear it would be somehow muddy in mere seconds.)

To enter: (1) leave me a comment telling me about the bug you fear the most... For me, that is spiders (especially the scary looking ones).

For additional entries, 
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PLEASE summarize all entries in a single comment!

You have until Monday, September 24 at 11:59pm CST to enter. The winner will be chosen (using on Tuesday, September 25 by 10am CST. The winner must contact me within 72 hours (3 days) to claim their prize or another winner will be chosen (using again). If you have any questions about the product or rules of the giveaway, please contact me before entering. This giveaway is open to all readers within the continental United States.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Blogger Lunch in the Loop

This week has been dragging for me so I was happy when Thursday FINALLY came around. Not only because it was Thursday and it was time for my group run, but because I got to go have lunch at Native Foods Cafe with Kim and Erin! I have been there a few times before so I didn't quite have this reaction. It is an all vegan restaurant where the food doesn't taste vegan, bland, and gross. It tastes delicious and tasty.
Don't worry. Those onions were removed immediately.

I mean, doesn't this look delicious? Maybe because I'm really hungry right now, but I kind of want to go there again and get the same thing. (I don't think Kim would be opposed to meeting me again also...)

Lunch was nice and we chatted about our husbands and their sense of cleaning as well as our pets and the funny things they do. Kim has a 50k coming up this weekend (her first ultra)! We will all be running the Zooma Half Marathon together on October 20, although I'll probably dedicate an entire blog post to that race and the expectations in the weeks to come.

It was a nice cool day and we remembered to take a photo at the end!
L to R: me, Erin, Kim

Have you ever tried something that you thought you wouldn't like but then you actually liked it? I did this recently with BBQ sauce. Now, I can't get enough sweet baby ray's.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Speedwork, Strength Training, and an Easy Salad

This week I decided to try and start speed work again in preparation of a 5k and half marathon I have coming up in October. After working out with Kate on Sunday, my arms were sore for most of the week. The soreness finally subsided yesterday, but I was worried how it would effect my running on Tuesday. Thankfully, it didn't. I wanted to kick things off with a tempo. I met up with the FNRC for the 2nd week in a row on a Tuesday. There are a few folks in the group who are around my pace and they were on board for the temp run attempt. However, I was a little rusty on how to properly adjust my Garmin. I had it set to the "average pace" function instead of the "lap pace" function so things didn't exactly go as planned.

The warm-up was a bit too fast at an 8:27 pace. The next two mile splits were exactly the same (including the turnaround) at 8:14. We picked it up for the last tempo mile and it was more 5k pace than tempo pace (7:21). The last mile I slowed things down for a legit cool-down (10:07). My legs felt great and I enjoyed pushing them, but I know this wasn't the best executed workout. However, I'm okay with it and this workout gave me a little bit of my confidence back. Next week I'll try something different for my speed work and I know it can only get better!

I don't really like to cook and when I make dinner, I look for the EASIEST recipes that include ingredients that we have on-hand. Thanks Pinterest for existing! Last night my husband and I wanted something lighter for dinner since neither of us were super hungry. I found an easy Pinterest recipe (found here) for a corn/tomato salad. I modified it slightly and left out some of the ingredients (on accident). My salad included:

Spring greens
Corn (from a can, we had it on hand)
Plum and grape tomatoes from our garden
Fake meat beef tips (found here)
Olive oil
Balsamic vinegar
Coarse salt (margarita salt, actually)

All it needed was a quick toss and voila! I used the flash so things are kind of bright, but it was light, delicious, and totally hit the spot. I bought mozzarella cheese and croutons to use but totally forgot it. It still tasted good without it too! I made another one to bring to work today with the leftover corn and tomatoes.

After this delicious salad, I laid down to do my PT exercises. Pepper just wouldn't let me lay still so I did some strength training too. :)
Ropey is her 2nd favorite toy (after the tennis ball)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Lifting Weights

I like to lift weights. I didn't really do much lifting last marathon cycle but I've been getting more into it this year. I don't read fitness or weight lifting magazines or books so I never really know what to do in the weight room. An important part of weight lifting is your form and I never know if I'm doing it right. I'm overly flexible in my joints so things never go they way they "should." Once I know the right way, I can control the movements to make sure I'm getting the most out of my workout. Thankfully my friend Kate S. knows what's up. She has been lifting weights for a few years now and knows her way around. She has helped push me beyond the realm of baby colored weights, into believing in myself and what I can lift. Whenever I workout with her, she helps push me outside my normal range, and it is never the same routine. I always learn something new which I then try to incorporate on my own. We lifted on Sunday afternoon and I'm still not fully recovered. My arms are mega sore, but in a good "they are getting stronger" kind of way. I know if I lifted weights more often, they wouldn't be this sore. However, with all the time I need to spend studying and everything else, I'm lucky if I get a chance to go to lift weights once a month!

I have some questions for all of you!

How often do you lift weights (if at all)? 

How do you look up a weight lifting routine? What resources do you use (working with a trainer, fitness magazine, YouTube videos)?

Would you be interested in finding out more about a suggested weight lifting routine?

And because every post needs a photo, here are a few quick shots of me trying to flex in the mirror of my office building locker room.
The last one is my favorite, but someone was coming in so I had to pretend like I was being a creep. Therefore, it ended up being blurry. Oh well. And I apologize for the late post. My building doesn't get good cell reception so the photos wouldn't send from my phone to my email. Technology fail.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Da Bears and Shea McClellin

In case you don't yet already know, I was born and raised in the Chicagoland area. This means that I cheer for certain sports teams on a regular basis. I'm not here to talk about baseball though. It is time for my favorite time of year... Football season! I'm a Bears fan and have been since the beginning of time.
At the Bears game with my friend Steph in December 2011

When watching the game yesterday with my husband, I got a little overly excited when Shea McClellin would make any tackle or play. Why? Because I know him! I met him and he was really nice. I met him over the summer when the folks at the Chicago Half Marathon were doing a promotional event with some Chicago area bloggers. We got to meet and have an open discussion with Chicago's very own first round draft pick! It was a pretty exciting day and I have a feeling the excitement will continue throughout the season!
Maggie and I with Shea
Shea was really nice, humble and down to earth. I think it was really great that he took the time to come out and talk with us Chicago running bloggers. He talked about his family, football (and how much running he does in practice), and the big move from a small town in Idaho to Chicago. He's really excited to play with some of the great defensive players we have here in Chicago and I'm looking to see him develop as an asset to the team in the season to come!

And a big congratulations to everyone that completed the Chicago Half Marathon over the weekend! I was sad I didn't get the chance to run it as we had a big family wedding the night before (yes, we've had 3 big family weddings this year). If I didn't have a wedding the night before, this might have been my chance at a redemption race. Oh well, there are other half marathons for that. :) Hopefully next year my schedule will allow me to run this race. If you did run this race, what were your thoughts? Feel free to link up to your race recaps! :)

Friday, September 7, 2012

90s Alternative Music and Other Things

I'm a little upset. I had this great post all typed out and then my phone froze up. I saw it was saved as a "local draft" but didn't think anything of it. When I had to turn off and turn back on my phone, this "local draft" was gone. FWP for sure.

ANYWAYS... Last night I met up with my favorite group of Thursday night runners. My legs were a little tight from Tuesday's double header so I took it easy and slow. I also only did 3 miles which was also nice.
L to R: Me, Maggie, Joe, Kathy, Becky, Julie, Jill, Amanda, Kim, Becky
It is now September. We get it Mother Nature. Fall hasn't officially started yet. You keep reminding us with your ridiculously humid and hot days and evenings. Evenings are not supposed to be in the 80s. Seriously. Thankfully the temps are supposed to cool down soon. But I have a feeling they'll be right back up there before September is over. We have seen temperatures in the high 70s in October (ahem, Chicago Marathon 2011)...

A few weeks ago I created a "90s Alternative" station on Pandora. I haven't liked a single song or added to the station. It continues to play music from my youth and teenage years and I absolutely LOVE IT. Here are a few gems that came on recently.

Gems I tell ya! After much thought and deliberation, I've decided on a nice little 5k to run the day before the Chicago Marathon. Since I'm not running it this year, I figure I should have some fun the day before! That means I should probably get back to my speedwork since I have taken a little break from it. I hope to start incorporating some speedwork next week. Maybe even a ladder at the track!? :)

Although I'm not running the Chicago Marathon this year, I plan on heading downtown and running with my various friends along the route. I will probably try to be at a few different places. Once everyone else has their plan figured out, I'll probably adjust my plans to fit theirs. Are you running the Chicago Marathon? I plan on wearing something bright so I can stick out when people are looking for me! I'm looking forward to helping out :)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Turkey Trot Tackling

Now that fall is quickly approaching, I'm having some trouble deciding what races to do! It is nice that there are so many great options! I'm already signed up for a few races including the Zooma Women's Half Marathon (with many other Chicago area bloggers) and the Hot Chocolate 15k (I ran the 5k last year).

There are lots of races on and around Thanksgiving. Given the fact that I like to eat, a lot, I'm looking forward to doing a race celebrating one of my favorite holidays. Now the big question is, what race? Here are my options.

1) Palos Turkey Trot (4 miles) - This race takes place on Thanksgiving morning. I ran it last year and had a lot of fun. They increased the price last year with increased swag of gender-specific jackets. The jackets weren't gender-specific, aside from the color (photo evidence here). I was really disappointed and I think lots of other folks were too. This year they are offering half-zip pullovers and the price has increased again. There was no explanation of why the price increased; it just did. I love the store that puts on this race and I'd like to support them, but I just don't know if I can justify paying $55 for a 4 mile race.
Palos Turkey Trot November 2011

2) Poultry Predicter (4 miles) - This race also takes place on Thanksgiving morning. Last year the cost was $8 if you re-registered and $10 for race-day registration. You are not allowed to run with a timing device, but you have to try and guess your finish time. Awards are given for age groups and to those closest to their predicted time. This sounds like a fun one and I don't think that price can be beat.

3) Beverly Turkey Trot (5k) - There was a Schwaggle deal for this but it expired yesterday. Quite a few of my friends are doing it and it is $30 (without the schwaggle deal). The race takes place the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Considering I went to high school in the Beverly area, I have a feeling I may run into some folks from high school if I do this race. That could either be a good or bad thing. Lol.

4) Schaumburg Turkey Trot (Half Marathon) - This race also takes place the Saturday after Thanksgiving. I have a weakness for half marathons and medals. I know a few other folks running this race and I would have time to do some speed work to try to aim towards a PR again.

I can't decide if I want do to 1 or 2 of these races! Because of the time I should be spending studying and reviewing by the time November rolls around (the exam is December 1), running will probably continue to take more of a backseat like it has been the last few months. Decisions, decisions!

What are your thoughts? Are you running any of these races?

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Labor Day Off

Ah Labor Day. It was the last weekend of the summer, and mother nature wanted to remind us. It was a hot one and my previous post about marathon regret seemed far, far from my mind. I ran a leisurely 3 miles on Saturday morning in the hot and humid sun instead of 18 or 19 miles. My weekly schedule has been off because of my work and study schedule. I planned to do my long run on Sunday and then Monday but neither one of those ended up happening. I chose to study and drink margaritas instead of running. I regret nothing.

Although running didn't fit into the schedule, we did go out on kayaks for about an hour. We went a mile out down a small creek to get to a mini retention dam. We took lots of photos but they are still on a camera (and not my camera). On the way back, my husband's little cousin wanted to join me on my kayak. I accepted and moved that little extra 60 lbs back home without any problems. I thought my arms would feel like jello afterwards, but they didn't. I guess that means I wasn't paddling hard enough. Haha.

Yesterday I had a vacation day where I planned on sleeping in and having a productive day. Well, sometimes the best laid plans don't always come to fruition. I was feeling some guilt for having not run all weekend so I got up super duper early to run 6 miles with some of my FN Runner friends. After I got home, I stretched and then went back to sleep for a few hours. I felt much better the 2nd time around and was able to get some studying done. Unfortunately, the laptop I was using completely died so I wasn't able to do all the review problems that I wanted to. So I watched an episode of Rizzoli and Isles instead. And since I was off work, I got a chance to run with the Tuesday night FN Runner group that I never get to run with. Even though I ran in the morning, I decided to also run at night too. I mean, I am running Ragnar 2013. Why not start prepping now, right? :)
Evening run outfit. My lavender Oiselle Lori Shorts matched my socks and shoes perfectly.

In other news, my dog got groomed and she HATED it. She has been slightly traumatized since her new haircut but is slowly returning to her old self. I think her face in this photo says it all.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Another Zipfizz Giveaway Winner

The winner of my original Zipfizz giveaway never contacted me so I had to draw another winner. The new winner is:

Yo Momma Runs

Please contact me within 48 hours (2 days) to claim your prize! runningkellometers at gmail dot com.