Friday, December 9, 2011

More Christmas Lights

I regretted not running on Wednesday when I had horrible stomach pains and cramps for most of the day on Thursday. However, after a 5 mile run, I felt much better. I ran at about a 9:00 pace and finished in 44:12. I ran in an older pair of shoes to see if I could still get some miles out of them. Verdict? No. I had pains in my feet for the last mile which does not happen in my other shoes. I think it is time to demote them to "walking from the train to the office" gym shoes.

I've recently discovered the "back roads" of my town and have noticed tons of streets lit up with Christmas lights. My husband and I have not yet gone on our annual aimless drive to look at Christmas lights, so I decided to go for a run and investigate. This area is mostly new homes and there were some pretty stellar decorations.
The most extravagant decorations I've seen this year

Two houses, both amazingly lit

The pup has been dying to go for a run so she went with me. She hasn't done 5 miles with me in a long time so I wasn't sure if she would be up for it. In typical dog fashion, I had to correct her to slow down for most of the first mile before she found my steady pace. The last mile seemed tough for her and after some encouragement, she was able to make it. Now that I know she can do it, she can come with me for all my 5 milers!

I ordered some professional photos from my marathon because the website was having a "Cyber Monday" sale a few weeks back. The pictures came yesterday, and I couldn't be happier with them. I hate paying for race photos because they are always so expensive, but I want copies of my first marathon so I can have them forever! I didn't order photos from my previous half marathon, and I wish I had one. Learning from my mistakes, I wasn't going to let the photos expire so I made sure to order a few. I plan on doing something fancy with the medal, bib, and photo(s) but I'm not sure yet. If anyone has a good company to recommend where they've gotten this done, let me know! I would rather not go to Michael's if I don't have to.
From left to right:action shot, finish line shot, finisher photo

I decided to have a Treat Yo Self kind of moment this morning and got some DD coffee (which I never do). Christmas flavors are back including gingerbread. DELISH! I highly, highly recommend it.


  1. Love the after pic of your dog! Poor thing!
    Let me know what you end up deciding to do with your marathon photos because I'm trying to think of something too (with medal and bib.)

  2. Haha, she was TUCKERED OUT and slept the entire night in the same spot. She has so much energy all the time, I'm glad to have an outlet for that energy. I will for sure let you know what I end up doing with the medals/bib/photos!

  3. The photos can be expensive but I have ordered them for 3 of my 4 marathons! They just capture moments you cannot on your own.

    My bf gave me a shadow box and I set this up for my first marathon -

  4. I absolutely LOVE the shadow box idea! That way it isn't permanent and you can always shuffle around, etc.

    I really like your post about race bibs and medals! I'm thinking about getting a medal display and doing a fun collage of the race bibs. I would like to be able to take them down, rearrange, etc. so something less permanent is a great idea.