Monday, January 9, 2012

Back to Reality

Sorry I haven't been posting much over the weekend. I only had my iPad with me and I don't yet know how to use many of the features. Warning, the "iBlogger" iPad app is not for the "Blogger" website, despite the logo being exactly the same. (I will be contacting Apple to try and get my money back from that scam, by the way.)

I spent the weekend (Thursday through Sunday) with my husband's family in Lake Geneva. We had tons of fun! The scenery is beautiful.
We always play lots of really fun games.

Drink too much alcohol...
and end up like this

The birthday gods must have been shining down on me because I didn't get sick the next day. I felt horrible, don't get me wrong, but didn't get sick. As my birthday is January 6 and most people are tired from Christmas and/or New Years, my birthday isn't usually a big deal. I have fun keeping things relatively low key and my husband and I just go out to dinner and that is it. This year was an exception and we had a ton of fun (as I'm sure you can tell from the pictures)!

I planned on doing a local race in Lake Geneva on Saturday, but we always go to church on Saturday night. I thought I would be able to squeeze in both but decided against going to the run and ran on the treadmill instead. I also planned on getting up early our last day to run around the area, but packing took longer than expected and I wasn't able to get out there. I'm disappointed I wasn't able to run outside like I always love to do on vacation, but I was happy to get the run in regardless! Now I know for next year to plan my time better to get it done!

I'm happy to be back to reality, sleep in my own bed, and catch up on all the blogs I've missed! Today I plan on hitting up our office fitness center to get in 3 miles and also see if I can do the circuit workout that my friend Kate and I did last Monday. We'll see if they have the right equipment to do all of the exercises! Half marathon training will start soon and I'm excited to get my butt in gear to work towards my first sub-2 hour half marathon in May! I think I'm going to enjoy not training for a marathon this year, but I already know I'm going to miss it. Do you get race envy? Wish you signed up or trained for something when cheering on a friend? Do you sign up for next year's race right away? What do you do to help counter your envy?


  1. Bummer that you weren't able to do the race! But looks like you had a great time celebrating your birthday!

    I get race envy. Totally. I love racing. I had lots of envy watching the Chicago Marathon on TV last year. And reading blog posts from everyone who was excited to go to Vegas for RnR (although then when it turned out the race sucked, I wasn't so envious). And I get envy for basically any race that has beautiful scenery.

  2. Thanks! I have a feeling I'll have a bad case of race envy come October 2012! I MIGHT just have to sign up in 2013! :)

  3. What a fun weekend! :) I am happy you had a good time. And still got a run in! :)

    I am not getting race envy anymore! I think it is because I way over-raced in 2011 :)

  4. Haha, did you at least have fun doing it? I was thinking about trying to do the lottery for the 2013 NY marathon. If I don't get in, I'm thinking I'll do Chicago. Obviously that is a long ways away. We'll see how things shape up! :)