Monday, January 23, 2012

Pumping Iron Sundays

I know this upcoming week is going to be crazy busy at work, so I tried to put in as much miles as I could this weekend. I've kind of been shifting my strategy this past week and less focused on the times of my runs. Just going out there and running has been my main goal, and for now, I like it like that.

On Sunday, Kate LF and I hit up the gym to do the upper body circuit I've mentioned a few times already. I got a copy of the magazine article so you can see the exact workout.
Each circuit should take 15 seconds, even though you are going up in weight and the reps are decreasing. Your first set should be easy, but not too easy, and the increments should be challenging but not overwhelming (If you're not sweating, by the 2nd or 3rd cycle, you're not working hard enough.) I really pushed the weight this last time around and have been trying to keep track of what I've done on Daily Mile. I like that you are forced to increase the weight and push your limits. I really like this workout a lot and am not yet bored with it. I know which machines to use so I kind-of know what I'm doing. Confidence in the weight area has helped me conquer this fear, and I feel I will be much more prepared for future races if I keep this up! Let me know if you give this workout a try and how it works out for you!

Since the weather was so terrible on Friday, my husband (Toph) and I moved our reservation to Sunday, in between the football games. After running and working out with Kate LF, I was excited to replenish some of those calories in the form of an Indian buffet.
Here is plate 1 of my meal. I felt quite adventurous and tried every single thing that they had. I was proud of myself because I can sometimes be a picky eater based on looks alone.

This weekend I received some sport wash samples and plan on trying them out and including a review!
Stay tuned later this week when I finally get around to doing my laundry. :)


  1. hahaha I can't wait for the sport wash laundry recap :) and that Indian food looks great, but I couldn't even go near it until I feel better. I should try to do that upper body circuit, seems pretty good :)

  2. OK, ok, i will give this weight lifting thing a try. I think the worst is starting out and having everyone watch me try to lift 3 lbs with my t-rex arms...

  3. Haha, that is why I started in the little side room my gym for the lifting parts. 3lbs, 5lbs, 8lbs, 10lbs... With this circuit, it is easier (mentally) to get to those higher weights. Good luck!!! Let me know if you have any questions about any of the workouts! :)

  4. I am sooo glad I rechecked these comments as I totally left one yesterday and I guess it didn't go through :(

    - I said YAY I can't wait for your sports wash laundry recap :P haha and yum I love indian food,,,but not right now b/c I've been sick and WOW that uppoer body workout looks crazy. I am so weak.

  5. For some reason the comment got put in the "spam" folder but I was able to find it!

    I hope you're feeling better! The upper body may look crazy but it is very easy to follow and do. I was able to do it at the lowest weights and then had much more confidence to build it up in the 2 times since, each time increasing it just a teensy bit until I find what is comfortable and challenging at the same time. I hope you find the right strength training that works for you!