Friday, January 27, 2012

11 Things Friday

The 11 things thing has been going around the blogging world. I was tagged by Too Tall Fritz and A Sparklish Roar but I can't seem to find the blog post from ASR?

1. Favorite race/event & why? Shamrock Shuffle. It is a great race to kick off the running season and it is always very well organize, great expo, and free beer! 2012 will be my 6th year doing it! Did I mention the free beer?
Shamrock Shuffle 2010, crossing the finish line together with the Kates!

2. Were you a Princess or TomBoy? I was actually both, strangely enough. I liked to play sports, run around, and not brush my hair…but I also wanted things my own way! Maybe more bossy than princessy.

3. Who or What inspires you & why? When it comes to running, I think that a lot of people inspire me. My cousin, who I’ve talked about before, for all she’s accomplished in her running career. By Kate S., Kate LF, and Amanda who are all inspiring in their own way and crazy enough to run with me through the winter! By all my new friends I’ve made since starting this blog only a few months ago! There is so much inspiration out there, if you just take the time to stop and look at those around you!

4. Do you have more “online” friends or real life friends? Real Life, but the group of online friends has been growing exponentially since I started my blog!

5. 20 Year Class Reunion….Are you going, legitimately busy or you wouldn’t be caught dead stepping in the door? Meh, I still keep in touch with my really good friends from high school. And those that were kind-of friends are now Facebook friends. It would be fun to see everyone IRL though. :)

6. Do you prefer Flowers or Candy from the significant other or should they save the $? BOTH PLEASE! (going back to question #2) I love me some SPKs that my husband always puts in my stocking! In the winter months we don’t have the time or funds to go out on date nights as much as we would like, so I like that Toph gives me flowers on the one cliché day of the year.

7. If you were rich and famous and had the balls guts to name your kid something outlandish, what would that be? First and Middle name, please! I guess I’m not that outlandish to begin with and I like “old people” names anyways. All our children will probably have names similar to someone in their 90s.

8. You’re in a marathon, in first place, on world record pace…..You have to “go”. Do you stop for a port-o-pot, and possibly lose the race and miss the world record or do you go in the street for the world to see? I think to save face forever, I would have to stop and use the portapotty. I mean, haven’t we all seen that one pic of that one guy? I’m starting to gag just thinking about it.

9. Why do you run? Wow. This question is quite philosophical. I think I can answer this with another question. Why not? I love to run for many reasons. It helps me feed my addiction to SPK and Cheetohs. It helps clear my mind and relieve stress. I get to meet new people. I feel accomplished after a long run, strong run, PR… So many great things that outweigh the bad.

10. Favorite type of run: Group, Solo, Tempo, Long Run, Speed Work? I love all of these for different reasons. I guess you could just say that I love running in any way! :)

11. Most adventurous “out of character” thing you’ve ever done? I don’t think I do too many things that surprise people.

A lot of my blogging friends have already been tagged already. Here are some questions and feel free to tag yourself or just respond in the comments.

Enjoy and Happy Friday everyone!!!

1) What is your favorite time of day to run and why?
2) What is your favorite/preferred racing distance and why?
3) Biggest accomplishment in 2011?
4) Favorite brand of running clothes (shoes, shirt, shorts, socks)?
5) If you could have one pet, what would it be and what would you name it?
6) Favorite fruit?
7) Favorite candy?
8) Preferred method of refueling during a long run or race? (Gu, Gatorade, Clif Shots, etc.)
9) If it was a perfect world, would you ever consider moving to a different state to give running a try as a full time job (a la Desi Davila?)
10) If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
11) Who's your favorite athlete of all time?