Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hot Chocolate is the Best Reward

This past week has been crazy busy at work as I've already mentioned. I was very happy to squeeze in a short run on the treadmill just to do something other than sit at my desk all day. I ran 2.65 miles at a slow, easy pace. Then, I came home to this!
Yay for having to bury out my car from the snow for 5 minutes! I shouldn't complain though because my commute was only about 15-20 minutes more than usual. Which is a lot better than other peoples' commutes.

This morning my running group got together for their annual Hot Chocolate run. Majority of the group is training for the Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon so the miles were varied depending on everyone's schedule. I was planning on doing 6 but ended up doing 7. The course was extremely hilly so I was very happy with our 10:12 average moving pace. 
Amanda and I before the run. Unfortunately the photo is pretty dark!
The streets were plowed so we ran up and down the hills without too many hazards. I wore my trail shoes and they were great for the snow, but I still want to pick up a pair of Yaktrax (or something similar). I tried to take a photo of a few of the hills.

These photos just don't do the hills justice, seriously. It felt really good to get out there and accomplish a respectable distance. I haven't run this much in awhile! (Thanks to Daily Mile for helping me keep track!) After the run, we hung around for a pancake breakfast along with treats, snacks, and hot chocolate (the best). Hot chocolate is my newest addiction. I mean, where has it been my whole life? 

Is anyone else anxiously awaiting the Drew Peterson movie on Lifetime? It is on tonight and I am super excited about it. "I'm untouchable b*tch."


  1. Ha! I did not know that show was on tonight! You will have to tell us how it is :)

    I am happy your commute was not too much terribly longer!

    I wore my Yak Trax today in the snow and really liked them. I wonder how they compare to trail shoes!

    How is it that hills never look like hills in the picture?!

  2. I would loveeee to run on a nice cleared path, even if it's hills. The lakefront was still pretty messy this morning in parts!

  3. Looks like you have a good running group. I love breakfast after a good run!

  4. It was delicious and worth it! :)

  5. Oh that lakefront path... I have a love/hate relationship with it. Haha

  6. I'm watching it now and it is quite good and creepy. Haha. I still need to pick up a pair of Yak Trax for this winter, especially since we'll be running those hills every weekend and the snow will continue to fall!

  7. WOW holy snow!!!!! and hot chocolate is needed any where and any time, especially after that .....and YAY for awesome running groups. I love mine :) missed my run today :(

  8. My craving for hot chocolate lately cannot be curbed. As if I needed another food addiction. Haha...

    I'm sorry you missed your run! Hopefully you'll be out there soon enough! The pavement will always be there waiting for you. :)