Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Restaurant Post -- Nashville Edition

Whenever I go on vacation with Chris I like to keep track if the restaurants we go to (although I don't write many Yelp reviews anymore). On our trip to Nashville for the big bachelorette party, we went to some places that I wouldn't have normally gone. As we stayed close to the hotel, most of the places are within walking distance of Broadway.

We ate here our first night and it was a great start. It is pub fare but a slightly upscale atmosphere. The prices were average for pub affair, nothing too fancy. I had a burger and a Yuengling lager. Since we don't have Yuengling back in Chicago, I was excited with this special treat. Others in our group for the tuna and a wrap. I think the burger was the winner entree and it came with delicious seasoned fries as well. This place was off the main path and they don't take reservations, but I would recommend it if you're in the area.
with my precious Yuengling Lager!

After our first night on Broadway, we wanted to grab lunch on a rooftop patio where we could just hang out and enjoy the sun. (I opted for shade for my pale skin but majority rules...) they had a really good food photographer as we were all really excited about our food while having a cocktail. I think you might know where this is going, but the food did not live up to our expectations. Some folks ordered mojitos but they were "dragonberry" and tasted like fruit punch. Lots of people were disappointed with their food and the service was very slow. This place is right on the main street and that is probably how they snag most of their business, not based on the quality of their food.

As one of the meals on the trip, we wanted some typical southern food. We headed to Puckett's for dinner with a country band playing. We got a table right up front. The band was really great and even had a saxophone player. They invited some of the folks from the crowd to play the tambourine for a song, including my cousin (the bachelorette). The atmosphere was really fun and lively while also being family friendly. A few folks got barbecue platters while others got pulled pork sandwiches. I ordered the portabella mushroom sandwich and it was amazing (I was trying to get some sort of vegetable while on the trip). We all had a fun time here and it was a perfect taste of the southern food and band that we were looking for.

Based on our location, I tried to look up some suggestions for breakfast and came across Past Perfect. The reviews gave this place 3.5 stars so I figured it was worth a shot. While walking in, we saw a sign regarding their $5 bloody Mary bar and the group was excited. They also had infused vodkas with lots of different flavors so that was a hit for the bloody Mary group. They had a brunch menu special for Saturdays and Sundays separate from their normal lunch menu. Lots of folks tried the hash brown casserole that looked delish. I had a veggie/hummus wrap (again, trying to get some veggies) and it was really good. They put their wraps on what looked like a panini press so they were crisp and warm but not burned. The food was great but the service was terrible. Some people had things missing from their order, others had to wait a long time for their first drink. I could understand the 3.5 star review and would agree.

For the last dinner of the trip, the maid of honor wanted to do something fancy and special. Sambuca had good reviews online and seemed like a hip spot to eat. This was by far the best meal on the entire trip, hands down. I split the lobster enchiladas with poblano peppers. And yes, it was delicious as it sounds. I also got the gorgonzola salad which is arguably one of the best salads I've ever eaten. Everyone at our table was raving about their food and everyone had a great meal. They also had a selection of "skinny" cocktails which was a nice change. The waiter was also very attentive and some of the best service on the trip. A band came on partway through our meal, but they were a chill band that played soft music that wasn't boring. They were really good also so it added a little something.
A bunch of us in front of the patio at Sambuca

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