Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sweaty Elbows and Sweet Potato Chips

I woke up today thinking it was Thursday. I hate when that happens! Things at work are picking up so I'm spending more time at work and riding the non-express train home (which adds and additional 30-40 minutes to my commute). This is also the time when fitting in runs becomes more difficult yet important at the same time. Difficult because I have to plan ahead and keep my gym bag with me (including multiple outfit options) on most days. Important because I need time to relieve stress and clear my head.

Yesterday I only had a short amount of time to get in some miles so I chose the treadmill (plus, I was able to watch old episodes of Parks and Recreation). The plan was 4 miles but once I was only able to squeeze in 3 before I had to rush out the door to make my train. I was disappointed but if I missed my train, the next one wasn't for an hour (changing my eta home from 9pm to 10pm). Sooo I did 3 miles easy and laughed out loud at P&R while folks around me probably looked at me weird. That show is so funny that it was totally worth it. Have you had to cut workouts short because life got in the way? Please tell me you've seen Parks and Recreation?

As I may have mentioned before, I'm kind of a big sweater. I sweat a lot. Recently I noticed a new sweat problem when on the treadmill--my elbows. Strange, I know. I feel it dripping off my elbows and I try to wipe it on my shirt, knowing I look like a spaz when I do it. Do you have strange sweat problems when running on the treadmill too? Please don't tell me I'm the only one...

I got home and decided to munch on some sweet potato chips as a snack while deciding on dinner. Mistake! I finished off the rest of the bag too easily. Those things are just so good! Now I have to stop at the grocery store to pick up more on my way home. (Yes, "have" to...)

Yesterday my dog had a play date at my MIL's house with her two best friends.

As you can tell, she is gigantic compared to them. She decided to take a nap yesterday and my MIL sent me this series of photos. I thought it was completely hysterical. I don't think she realizes how big she is and she thinks she's a lap dog.
At 60 lbs, she is most definitely not a lap dog, but still totally adorable.


  1. Oh man, it is too funny when dogs try to sleep in spots not really designed for them.

    I always get all anxious when I have a "time limit" on my running. I hate it!

    And, yes, sweet potato chips are totally addicting.

  2. Haha, just this morning i was eating a bag of animal crackers, and then i spaced out, and eventually realized they were gone. I was like wtf until i realized i ate them all. I love your dog! he reminds me of Maru, that cat that is always squeezing itself into tiny boxes!

  3. Amanda - TooTallFritzMay 9, 2012 at 12:26 PM

    I have a 60 lb Weimaraner who is a lap dog too. She sits in Michael's carseat when he isn't in the car. It doesn't even look comfy.

  4. All I can do is sing "big dog and a little bed" a-la Chris Farley in Tommy Boy.

    It add a layer of anxiety over the run trying to squeeze in whatever you can in a specific time frame...

  5. Haha, eating out of the bag is always dangerous for this exact reason. Dangerous I tell you! I think my dog and Waffles would be friends. :)

  6. Haha that is hilarious! I'm very interested to see how our dog reacts once there are kids around. Not sure if she'll be protective or constantly jealous. I guess we'll find out eventually! :)

  7. Haha! Love big dog in little bed!
    Yup, u are the only one with weird sweat problems. Lol jk
    I've cut my outdoor runs downtown short if I'm running out of time roo! Waiting an hour for the next train is not fun!
    And i've never seen P&R! What???? Lol

    1. Noooo, tell me it can't be true! Others must have sweaty problems?!

  8. Puppy playdates are the cutest! I HATE when there's no chips left......there's never enough in there. lol

  9. Haha. I'm stopping at the store on the way home to re-stock. Yes please!

  10. Thanks! We'll see how the weather is on Thursday. I might try to bring her for the speed workout. :)

  11. Ha ha ha! Pepper is hilarious!

    I have never seen that show! But I love that you were running and laughing at it! :)

  12. I was laughing OUT LOUD while watching it and trying not to trip on the treadmill. Haha, funniest show ever!