Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Random Wednesday Post

Normally when it is raining, I don't mind going out for a run. Yesterday, however, I wasn't feeling it. I decided to hit up the treadmill as I passed the gym on my way home from working late. I knew that if I wanted to get my workout in, that was going to be the only way to do it. When it is raining, do you still run outside or stick it out on the treadmill? 9 times out of 10 I'll run outside, but last night I just knew if I went home, I'd sit and relax to watch the BL finale, eat dinner, and try to postpone my run until the next morning. I was glad to get it done regardless!
My gym is moving locations soon and I'm actually really excited about it. More equipment, larger facilities, I just hope they also have a small little room like this with the baby weights so I can do ab exercises and my core strengthening exercises without stares.

I didn't get the chance to mention that in addition to running part of the Illinois Marathon with Amanda, I also attended my cousin's bridal shower that same night. It took place on a condo building rooftop room and it was a lot of fun. My brother works at a nearby bar so we stopped by his work afterwards and had a fun night out.

enjoying a drink with the bride and some of the fellow bridesmaids
Me and the bride after the shower
I'm still recovering from my lack of sleep over the weekend (10 hours in 2 days), but it was a ton of fun and I got to enjoy doing both things!

Speaking of the Illinois Marathon, I accidentally took a video at one of the miles and it makes me laugh so I thought I would share it with all of you...

Because I haven't posted a photo of my dog in awhile, I thought it was necessary to snap a photo of her last night. She had her front paws crossed and I thought it was just the cutest thing ever. Don't you agree??


  1. hahahaha, i love that video!!! Cute dress for the bridal shower! (i always feel like no one would recognize me if i were to put on a dress and style my hair, haha)

  2. I like how we're smiling for a split second in the beginning. Plus, with the amount of bouncing it is proof that we are running! Haha... Thanks! I had a tough time wearing heels in that dress. My feet were sore for 2 days. #FWP

  3. Ha ha ha! I bet many iPhone users have lots of vids like that! I was taking a picture this morning of my shoes, then it made a video. Why do I need a video of my shoes?

    I love running in the rain! I really only skip if it's dangerous or pouring. I couldn't believe how worried people were about the fact that it might rain last night during our run. So... we get wet...?c

  4. Haha, I'm glad I'm not the only one that accidentally takes videos!

    Thanks for the reminder! We have a group run on Thursday and I made sure to put that we'll be out there rain or shine! I guess us running bloggers are a little more hard core than the average runner. Because we want to talk about running all. the. time. :P

  5. I accidentally took random 3 second videos when we were taking photos of us at the Bean in March. Oops!

    I'm funny, if it's already raining outside I don't want to go out for a run. If it starts raining while I'm out there I'm totally cool with that.

    Was the bridal shower in CU or up in Chicago?

    And I love it when dogs lay with their paws crossed. Too cute!!!

  6. Haha nice!

    The bridal shower was in downtown Chicago so it was definitely a busy day!

    She has been laying with her paws crossed more lately and I just find it adorable every single time!