Thursday, March 1, 2012

Feeling Better

As I've mentioned a few times so far, I've been a bit under the weather this week. I decided to take a break from speedwork and have a rest day yesterday in hopes of feeling better. I want to still do my long run on Saturday (12 miles is the plan) and also would like to squeeze in a small run tomorrow (if I can leave the office early, as hopefully planned). This morning I woke up feeling better than yesterday, although still physically tired. I don't think I've had a restful night's sleep all week hence the exhaustion. Either way, I think I'm finally over the hump of this cold and am happy to be feeling better!
My office building has these in the vending machines. I was very thankful for them this past week when I've been sick, but something just seems unnatural about orange juice in a can as opposed to a carton. Very strange, but I'll take it at only $0.25 per can.

I'm bummed that I'm going to miss my traditional Thursday night crew this week because I have a business meeting. Although, snaps for free dinner! It should be fun/interesting to eat a meal at a fancy restaurant that is vegetarian. Hopefully we won't end up at a steakhouse, but you never know! I'll be happy to be back to my "new/old" routine next week!

Have you signed up for my Chicago Spring Half Marathon/10k raffle yet? You have until Sunday, March 4 to enter!


  1. only 25 cents a can?? I would drink it too!!

  2. I know, right? All pop is only 25 cents per can! A finer deal in the City limits can hardly be found. :)

  3. I am glad to hear you are feeling better. :) And I am also astonished by the price of that OJ!

    Anxious to hear how dinner goes...

  4. Haha, I've gotten one every day!

    Dinner was very disappointing. Let's just say that Morton's Steakhouse doesn't cater to vegetarians... at all, let alone vegan's...