Thursday, March 22, 2012

Lessons from Forever 21

I'm really tired of my current work wardrobe. I always wear the same things and I feel like I haven't bought something new in a long time. With all the fashion posts of my other Chicago blogging friends, I have been inspired to mix things up. I like to think that I have a semi-eye for fashion, but lately all i wear is dryfit, leggings, and race shirts. I need to get back in a groove of liking what I wear to work and out.

Today I set out on my lunch break and headed to Forever 21. I wanted to try on lots of clothes and scope out their athletic section.

And then I remembered these important things to remember when shopping at Forever 21:

1) Sizing is inconsistent. Small, medium, large... you never know what is going to fit at Forever 21! I know the empire waist trend is popular, but that doesn't mean that everything has to dramatically flare out afterwards. No one wants to look like they're pregnant if they're not. Just saying.

2) Don't get excited about their athletic line. I was (although I don't know why) and was disappointed. They had lots and lots and lots of sports bras in a variety of different colors. I already have my preferred brand of sports bras. There is no way these girls can be supported by them. I haven't tried them but I'm just guessing.

3) If it was a bad day for clothes, that doesn't mean it is also a bad day for buying stuff. I tried on 10 different things and didn't like a single one. I left the dressing room feeling sad because I actual wanted to spend money today. Then, I looked at what was surrounding me... accessories! I've been wanting a skinny belt for a long time so I searched for the belt section and got to digging.
I got 3 skinny belts for $4.80. That's right! Yay for bargain shopping! And that is why I keep going back to Forever 21.

Do you shop at Forever 21? What are some things you've learned from shopping there?

I took yesterday as a rest day (my legs are thankful for it) and tonight I'm meeting up with my running group. I'm hoping this supposed rain holds off!


  1. I pretty much only buy accessories at Forever 21. Their clothes are just difficult to fit. I have a coat from there too.

  2. I know... their accessories are cheap and they seem to last longer than you'd think (and usually longer than the clothes).

  3. I have never had good luck there. I am too BIG for their clothes! And I'm a fashion dude, like I just told, Maggie. I live in my running clothes and since I got the Plantar Fasciitis and have been condemned to running shoes, I don't even dress up fo rwork. Can you say Office Casual? Yhea, SUPER casual.

  4. I've been living in my running clothes lately and I feel drab about it. I used to be really into my work outfits and my enthusiasm has fizzled. Maybe some time I'll go shopping at the mall again and buy something non-related. MAYBE.

  5. I have never shopped there! I thought it was for a younger crowd for some reason. Score on the belts! And boo on the Empire Waist! Who does that even work for?!

    You should have Erin come over an do a closet consultation! It's a lot of fun!!!

  6. I don't usually shop at Forever 21 but I've started going there a bit more often. I have to go early in the day, though, before it gets too trashed by the teenagers!

    Also, if you currently hate your closet, take Kim's advice and have me come over or at least have me meet you at Forever 21 and help you pick out stuff :-)

  7. I've found some gems here over the years. It is very overwhelming though and you need a good 2 hours to go through everything and try on all that you need/want to. But agreed that it is usually crawling with teenagers, unfortunately.

  8. I like some of their basics... tees, cardigans, etc. I will highly consider a closet consultation! I do need a serious overhaul on my wardrobe and some spring cleaning. Maybe after I'm done doing some of these races and I actually have a Saturday or Sunday where I'm free! (and our house is some-what clean. Hehe)

  9. I've learned that only accessories from Forever 21 fit me. Their clothes don't really look right on my "womanly curves." H+M fits me much better.

  10. The H+M in Orland sucks, I've determined. I found awesome stuff in 5 minutes at the one downtown but I never have luck at the Orland store. Lame.