Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Easy Miles and Ginuwine

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Last night I met up with our friend Ryan for a 4 mile run on the trail. Because of the Shamrock Shuffle on Sunday and the Chi-Town Half Marathon this upcoming weekend, I've decided to take a break from speedwork again this week. I am looking for a goal 5k coming up, but with all the other races I've signed up for, I'm not sure when would be the best time. If I don't choose one in April, I'm not going to have time again until June. (May is pretty booked with bridal showers and other races.)

The goal of last night's run was to just take it easy at a conversation pace. We met on the trail like usual and headed out. Thankfully I actually remembered to take a photo this time!

Pepper came with us and had a fun time! She always loves going for a run, especially when we see rabbits, squirrels, or any other animal out on the trail. I haven't done a weights workout in a little while, but running with her when she sees a rabbit must be some sort of equivalent, right??

Our splits were right at 9:30 which I was pretty happy about. Even though I've been running regularly for quite some time, I always have a sense of accomplishment when my splits are consistent.

Tonight is the last night of CCD for me this year. I'm excited to get my Wednesday nights back! I think I'm going to take next year off just because I need a break. Those little 7th graders sure can be draining! Teacher friends and readers, I don't know how you deal with those kids every day. I guess since I plan on being a mom some day, I'll find out! Dun dun dun....

I know this was on Parks and Rec a few weeks ago, but it is one of my many, many favorite scenes. Growing up, as a kid in the 90s, Ginuwine's "My Pony" was a classic jam.

So naturally the scene when Tom Haverford realized that Ginuwine was Donna's cousin was quite amazingly hilarious.


Just looking at these gifs make me laugh again and again! Please tell me, have you seen this episode? Toph told me he had never heard the song before. I refuse to believe him, but he swears that when I was playing it was the first time he heard it. Was this song also your jam back in 1996 when it came out?


  1. I haven't heard that song in the longest time! Blast from the past.

  2. Haha, totally... Did you love this song when it first came out?

  3. such. a. jam! I haven't seen that episode, but now i have too! :)

  4. It is the same episode with Jerry's birthday. Maybe I will start doing Throwback Thursdays like Kelsey? Even though this is Wednesday. Next week: 2ge+her "Calculus (U + Me = Us)"

  5. Hmmm, the beat of that song sounds familiar but it's not immediately recognizable. I think I might have still been listening to country music in 1996. I missed out on a lot of "modern" music of the '90s but I can sing Garth Brooks "The Hits" like no one else.

  6. Oh man, I can sing the word of every song on the entire "Ropin the Wind" album. No joke.