Friday, March 23, 2012

Running in the Rain

Every Friday I like to talk about my Thursday night run. Today is no different folks! :)

I met up with the FN Runners and decided to do a hill workout this week. I haven't done hills in a few weeks and so this was a great way to get out there and get it done.
Thanks for the photoshop Maggie!
L to R: Maggie, Kristin, Amanda, and yours truly

Despite the skies looking like they wanted to rain, we had a new runner come out and met up with another runner out on the trail.
These guys looked like they wanted to join us too (not really). It was humid and dry for the first 2 miles, and then the rain started to come. It rained for about 1.5 miles before it cleared and the humidity came right back. I could hear the squish of my orthodics within my shoes, but the rain was certainly refreshing. I was rushing to get to the run since my train was late so I didn't have time for my snack. Therefore, the entire time I had a side cramp but tried not to complain about it... too much. Maggie and I ran together for 5.1 miles in 46:29 (9:06 pace). I enjoy running with Maggie as the conversation is always interesting. (You can hear more about it by going over to Maggie's blog.) I ran with my Roctane Water again and I definitely think it helped.

It is currently raining here in Chicago and I hope it clears for tomorrow's Chicago Running Blogger Meetup! And then Sunday is the beloved Shamrock Shuffle!! This will be my 6th year running this race. It is always a day full of fun, beers, and friends. Some year it is hot (2007 and 2011) and some years it is cold (2008 and 2009). I'm hoping this year will be "just right."


I can't wait to be at the starting line with some new running friends in the best corral I've ever qualified for (B!!). I have some speedy goals that I hope I can meet, but if I don't I know a fun time is guaranteed regardless! Do you have a favorite race that you run every year? Is the weather as unpredictable as a Chicago March?


  1. ugggghhh, i need to start doing hills stat! time just moves too fast! And i am SO excited for the shuffle i will be behind ya, haha!

  2. Hills = not fun. Don't worry, there is always the lasso/rollerblades option we discussed in previous blog posts.

  3. lol. Your pictures from 2009-2011 are reminiscent of mine. Snow, cold and warm! Good luck Sunday!

  4. I had a similar muggy/rain/muggy run yesterday. I was hoping it would be all rain!!!

    I still have not done Shamrock! I volunteered one year though. I hope you have the day you want for your ideal race! :)

  5. Haha I know, right? Hopefully in the spirit of Goldilocks, we'll have some good weather this year! :)

  6. I'd pick rain over heat any day! At least the rain is refreshing! :) Thanks! See you tomorrow!!

  7. I love the Shamrock Shuffle too!! Hoping to see you but the start corrals are crazy! I'll wish you good luck now!

  8. Thanks Amanda! I'll be looking for the large group in the green sparkle skirt! :D