Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Day of Great Things

Yesterday was a day of great things.

1) Mizuno tweeted and Facebooked about my Wave Rider 15 raffle! Have you entered yet? Every $5 donation to Open Heart Magic = 1 entry into the raffle! My blog hits were up significantly and I got the most hits ever in a single day! Hello to new readers! Please enter my raffle if you haven't already! :)

2) The last day of CCD! I loved teaching and all, but I needed a break from those kids. God bless moms of 7th graders. They sure are a pain. That also meant that I got to eat some delicious cupcakes that my assistant made. Funfetti = the best.

3) My PRO Compression socks came in the mail! Thanks Schwaggle for having a great deal!
Don't mind the creepy Goldendoodle calendar in the background

4) I ordered a pair of Oiselle Lori shorts from The Clymb for only $21 (including tax and shipping). I've belonged to RueLaLa and ideeli for years but only recently heard of The Clymb and it is my new favorite site!! Daily discounts on the best brands of running clothes? Yes please! My bank account is thankful.

5) 3 days away from my 2nd half marathon of the year and 4 days away from my vacation!

Oh yea, I guess I haven't really mentioned my vacation very much since I've had so many other races going on. I leave on Monday and am driving with Toph and another couple (Sam and Kate) down to New Orleans. Toph and I have been there before. A few times.
On Bourbon Street in 2009
Hurricanes at Pat O'Brien's in 2010

I'm excited to go back to share the experience with friends! Of course we (Kate and I) will be running while we're there, running up and down the French Quarter (making sure to avoid the puke spots and plastic cups along the way). Hopefully I'll remember to take some pics along the way! Have you been to New Orleans before? I've hit up several different restaurants and the classics too (Central Grocery, Cafe Du Mond). I'm totally open to suggestions, especially any vegetarian friendly options? 

What are some of your favorite things from this week? Any other great running clothes deals you'd like to share? :D


  1. goldendoodle calendar!!!!!!!

    I am wearing my purple compression socks right now. Good luck this weekend, i dont know how you are doing it - my legs are exhausted!! Take many many pictures in "NAW-LANS" (thats how they say it, right?)

  2. I brought them to work and am going to wear them later on today, when I get too lazy to put on work flats.

    My legs are exhausted. After this weekend, I think I need some more rest days. It isn't painful, I'm just tired. Maybe a booze-induced sleepfest in New Orleans will help. I will hopefully remember to take lots of photos, unless the previously mentioned booze prevents that from happening.

  3. I ordered some of those socks too. Good luck on Sunday & have fun on the trip!

  4. Have you gotten yours yet? I think I want to wear them to our run tonight. Thanks Amanda! I'm super excited for both! I have to plan an outfit on Monday that permits me to wear compression under my clothes. First World Runner Problems!

  5. I have never been to New Orleans! I can't wait to hear about it!

    I love your sock pic :) What program do you use to edit your pics? Is it on your phone? I just downloaded the Sketches 2 app and like it :)

  6. I used Picnik (until it closes down in April) and Google Picasa. I use them both on the computer after I upload the photos to the web. I'll have to check out the Sketches app you're talking about!

    What is the name of the auto picture app that you used during our Blogger Meetup?

  7. Check out pixlr on the comp too!

    I used Camera+ for the timer and to edit the photo. It costs $1-$2? Erin downloaded something with a timer too! Not sure if hers was free or cost $.

  8. I'm also new to the Clymb. The site currently has a sale on tri gear and I think I'm going to splurge on myself. I went to New Orleans in the fall and ate a ton of pralines and other tasty treats. Here's my pralines post:
    And my other food posts:
    I heart New Orleans.

  9. Yes, I really had to try hard to NOT buy more Saucony gear today.

    Thanks for the New Orleans posts! I'll for sure have to check them out!

  10. Oh nice! I'll have to check that out. Thanks!!

  11. Britt @ Chicago Runner GirlMarch 29, 2012 at 4:34 PM

    I've never heard of the clymb, but it sounds like it may be my dream come true!

  12. It is dangerously awesome! I only heard of it recently and am thankful I discovered it in time to buy more summer running clothes (because more running clothes are always necessary)!

  13. I ordered a pair of those socks also, but mine haven't arrived yet. I so can't wait for them to get here. I really hope they hurry up. Never heard of the clymb, but I would like to look into it.

  14. The Clymb is a great site! I've ordered some fun stuff from there. Have you heard of Planet Gear? It's like The Clymb but just for women!

    I've never been to New Orleans but I'd like to someday. My parents went once years ago. My mom tells some pretty hilarious stories about their trip, including one where a guy offered her cocaine!

  15. I downloaded "SelfTimer". That's all it does. Self Time. I don't remember if it costs money but if it does it's less than $1.

  16. I hope you get yours in the mail soon! I know they had said they wanted to get them all mailed out on Wednesday. I've been wearing mine non-stop since receiving them!

    Finding out about The Clymb was simultaneously the best and worst day of my life (for my bank account too).

  17. I signed up for Planet Gear but find most of their stuff so far to be for snowboarding or cooler temps as opposed to running.

    Oh lord! Your parents' New Orleans trip sounds quite interesting. It sure is an interesting town and I'm looking forward to spending some time there next week! (And some warmer temps too!)

  18. I found it! And the app is free! Yay! Thanks!