Friday, February 24, 2012

Taking Part of the Forest With Me

Last night I went for a run with my local running group which has become a standard Thursday night routine for the last 2 weeks. We weren't sure if the weather was going to hold out but thankfully there was no rain and the trail was clear. Here is a photo of our group!
L to R: Oscar, Maggie, Amanda, Genevieve, Lisa, me
I was super ecstatic to test out my new running gloves. #runnerd
My only gripe is that I wish I would have gotten a bigger size. I should have known better with my long fingers. They still worked though and my hands were much more comfortable than usual on a winter run. It was an overall win!

The pacing worked out well for the group as Maggie and I are about the same and Lisa and Amanda were about the same. As it looked like it was going to rain, I'd say Maggie and I had a classic case of "great minds think alike" and wore the same rain jacket.
If you haven't yet gotten sick of Sh*t Girls Say quotes

We were aiming for 4 miles and I decided to turn on my Endomondo, to test out the "pep talk" feature I've heard so much about. When we reached mile marker 1, I had forgotten I was wearing my headphones. When the electronic voice started to say "One mile completed..." I screamed and jumped. Maggie started looking around the trail, wondering what freaked me out. We started laughing once I realized it was my Endomondo. I decided then that it was a better idea to turn it off and not get freaked out on a dark trail while running at night

The next interesting part of this run was that I had to make a small pit stop in the woods. I apologize if this is TMI but the bathrooms were closed and it was an emergency situation. After jumping back on the trail as if nothing had happened, I didn't notice anything until we stopped at the turnaround a few feet down the road.

Apparently my pit stop included bringing some of the woods along with me for the rest of the run. Never a dull moment, I must say. Have you ever had to make a pit stop in the woods on a run?

Currently, we are in the midst of a snowy day. I am planning on running 10 miles tomorrow, and hopefully the weather will have cleared up a bit by then. Hopefully I actually remember to take some photos this Saturday. We'll see! Happy Friday everyone!

ALSO, I feel the need to mention Maggie's huge "favorite things" giveaway.  To enter to win, you donate $5 to her American Cancer Society page and every $5 donation is 1 entry. This raffle is kind of a big deal and you should totally participate. (I mean, even SR mentioned it on her blog.) Best of luck to all of those participating!


  1. I haven't had to make a pit stop (yet) but once i did go slightly off trail with a friend as a detour bc the path was messed up, and we had to stop for 20 minutes to pick burrs out of my hair and clothes. I have washed that shirt probably 40 times since then and i still find burr remnants! Burrs are like the herpes of running.

  2. Last night's run was pretty hilarious, between you scaring me at mile 1 (I thought an animal jumped out at you or something), your pit stop and then the discovery of the burrs. Thanks for a great (and fun) run!

  3. Haha, totally agree! A better time couldn't be found on a Thursday night. :)

  4. Love our Thursday Runs! Wish more people would join in!

  5. We're just starting out. I'm sure more people will be joining us soon! :)

  6. I am so jealous of your cool blogger running group and thursday runs! - I hate burs :P

  7. Thanks! We are just getting started on our weekly Thursday runs, but I like where they're going!

  8. for some reason I couldn't comment on your last post - so I'll say YAY here for the raffle and I love your pup and why is it hills don't look as bad in photos??! lol

  9. Hmm, I shall investigate about the comment issue. Sorry about that!

    Haha, I know! Those pesky hills never seem to look so bad in photos!