Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My Running Buddies

Time for another post about a Mag Mile Runner photo challenge! This week's challenge is:

Your running group. Who do you usually run with? A running club? A group run at a store? A buddy? Your dog? No one? Whatever, take a picture of it, even if it’s just you looking lonely.
There are a few different groups that I like to run with, and I am very lucky in this sense. Running with a buddy or a group has that important element of accountability.

My Number 1 running buddy is:

(as if you couldn't have already guessed that one) She's always ready for a run, no matter what. She never complains, is always excited, and watches out for me. She really is a great companion in every way!

As much as I love running with my pup, when it is hot or rainy she stays at home. She doesn't do so well with speedwork or long runs so she gets jealous when I have to go on a run without her. When I'm not running with my dog, I'm usually meeting up with my local running group:
(aka the FN Runners)

We meet to run if it is hot, cold, rainy, snowing, or anything in between. Some days there are large groups and other days there are only a few. We still get out there and run, and have fun doing it!

When I was training for my marathon back in 2011, I signed up for the CARA training program which led me to another amazing running group:

These folks are so inspiring. There is so much to learn from these marathon veterans including words of wisdom, tips for race day, and lots of tips/ideas on how to fit runs into any schedule. Many have qualified for Boston and they are always ready to cheer on a friend during a local race. I'm lucky to have found so many wonderful running friends that helped lead me to my first marathon, and other successful races along the way. When I lace up my Asics and decide to do another marathon some day, I know my fellow Yankee Runners will help me get there.

Last but not least, there are my friends Kate S and Kate LF. When we first met, we realized that we liked to run and started running races together. We've all come such a long way together as friends and as runners, accomplishing so much along the way. I'm so lucky to have friends that love to run as much as I do, to train and race with.

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  1. Awww Pepper!!!! So cute. I need to dognap my brothers' dogs for some runs!

  2. They really are the best running buddies! Except when she has to take a #2 in the middle of a progressive run. Haha, there are positives and minuses.

  3. We are sooooo lucky to have so many group options in our area! Pepper rocks too! Love the canine run partners. And you know I love the Kates. :)

  4. Agreed! This doesn't even include RFK because I never make it there in time for the Monday runs. There is one photo somewhere of Kate S and I during our first Shamrock Shuffle (2008). We were both newer to running races and it was a fun time. That first zoo run pic is from 2009! Oh good times.

  5. you are SO popular!

  6. Haha, hardly! Just lucky to have some really awesome running groups in my area! :)

  7. Aww pepper is soooo cute!

    You also have a lot of fun groups to run with!