Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mile Repeats and the Giveaway Winner

I haven't done mile repeats as a workout before. I had them as the first workout this week so I was looking for redemption after Friday's not so great long run. I was going to try to meet up with my running group but by the time I got home, I was hungry and realized I needed to have dinner first if I wanted to have a quality workout.

"Wow" is all I have to say about this workout. This was a tough one, possibly the most challenging workout I've completed on this training cycle (or ever?). I had to tell myself that PRs aren't easy. If they were easy, everyone would get them. They needed to be earned and I was earning mine. After the 1st repeat was finished, I knew this was going to be a challenging workout. Sweat dripped from my brow as I still had 3 more to go. Traffic lights worked in my favor along the way, which I took as a sign that I could do this workout. I wasn't meant to stop or the light would have changed. I tried to keep all my thoughts positive during this workout and I think it worked in my favor. The goal was to finish all 4 repeats between 7:35-7:40. Actual splits were...
Mile 1: 7:38
Mile 2: 7:37
Mile 3: 7:39
Mile 4: 7:38

Consistent and within the target. I tried to push that last mile towards a 7:35 or 7:36 but with the slight up hills and down hills along the way, I was just short. It is only a few seconds though and I'm still really happy with this workout! Of course I had to grab a quick action shot between intervals.

Talk about a quality photo...

I can't believe how light it remains well into the evening. Summer is here, officially. The 100 degree temps we're expecting on Thursday are solidifying that...

I'm trying to work on a running mantra to help keep me motivated during a tough workout and on race day. I'm having trouble coming up with some on my own that keep the message positive (without words like "don't" or "can't"). I'm going to do some Googleing today but I thought I would ask what works best for all of you? What is your running or workout mantra that helps you get through the end of a tough workout??

In other news, the winner of the Warrior Dash helmet giveaway is...
Congratulations! Please contact me with your mailing address so I can get these sent out to you asap!


  1. Great job hitting your goals!!! How long were your recoveries in between miles?

  2. Thanks! There was a 1/2 mile active recovery in between sets (aka jogging, not walking). The recovery may have only been about an 11min mile, but it was still not walking :)

  3. Hardest workout ever and you smashed it! I can't believe you ran on the streets with the potential for stoplights and still got your splits. That's awesome :)

    One of my mantras is "how bad do you want it?" along with "just f'n run!"

    1. Thanks! The route I was running really had only 2 stop lights on pretty unpopular streets. I didn't really think too much about where they were located until I was already out. Haha.

      Those are good mantras! I'll have to write those down--thanks!

  4. Haha that's what I usually do for the recoveries. It has to be an actual "recovery" for it to work! :)

  5. Ugh. Mile repeats. Did SO MANY of those two summers ago. They are horrible while you're doing them but you feel so badass afterward

  6. It was definitely challenging and something I wouldn't have even attempted to do before this training cycle. And I totally do feel badass today. :)

  7. DYING at that crystal clear photo of you.

  8. Hahaha, that's how I roll!! Only the highest quality photos.

  9. way to go!! I still have to figure out how to form appropriate goals before i even start to try reach them :D My mantra has always been "ice cold beer"

  10. That is why I got a coach! I'd go out for a workout and have no goal and just wing it most of the time. Working with Britt takes out the think work that goes with what workout I have to do on a given day (she sends me my workouts, I work with my schedule)... and I have pace and/or distance/time goals. It is great and has totally evolved my mentality as a runner.

  11. I am pretty sure i need to solidly train for the next year before i can even have a coach without embarrassing myself! :D

  12. There's also the poor runners coach:

  13. I'm not sure about a mantra...but I find the only thing I think sometimes is "Just keep going!" Or "just keep running!" Sometimes i use a goal... "just get to..."
    its what works for me. U need a mantra that doesn't require thinking!

  14. Great repeats! With summer rolling into my face, I found it hard to hit under 8 yesterday. And, yay, I won! Thanks so much! I'm emailing you right now.