Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Triple Tangent Wednesday

Now that the "seal" has been broken, workouts before work don't seem that bad. My body was sore from the Warrior Dash on Sunday so I took Monday as a rest day. Tuesday I got up at 4:15am and did my speedwork before the sun came up. I gotta admit, it made that last set seem better to be in the light, having started my workout in the dark. (Usually it is the other way around.) Days where I run before work always seem to be more productive days. It was pretty humid out there so my splits were a smidgen slower than I would have liked but I still tried hard and the 2nd split was faster than the 1st. I gotta say, I feel like I am slowly but surely getting acclimated to the heat. I read that it takes 10-14 days out in the elements to become acclimated to them. I've run in the heat less than 10 times but I feel like I'm getting better at it. (With a goal half in July, I guess I don't really have a choice but to acclimate...)

The main reason why I did my workout before work yesterday was that softball season started last night. I'm in a 16" co-ed recreational league with co-workers and former co-workers. As we all work within the final industry, we try to come up with a catchy team name. This year's team is called "Occupy Ballstreet." This is the 5th year I've been playing (on and off). I play first base and absolutely love it. Last year I was a sub and this year I'm splitting the league with a friend (I play the 1st half, she plays the 2nd half). It will be nice to not have to commit the whole summer, but enough to go out there and have some fun. All of us on the team get a little competitive but we are still out there for fun. Since several of us have been playing together for a few years, we know the signals and how to work together in the infield. I always forget to take photos while put there playing but I'm going to try to remember that this year!

I forgot to mention that over the weekend we did a little dog sitting for our friends' pug, Bo. Pepper and Bo get along really well so it was a fun filled few days for Pepper. Because pugs are so adorable, I had to take lots of photos (obvi).

Goodnight kisses

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  1. Britt @ Chicago Runner GirlJune 20, 2012 at 9:14 AM

    i don't know how you do it all! you are superwoman!

  2. occupy ballstreet is possibly the greatest softball team name i have ever heard.

  3. Glad someone else appreciates the nerdiness of it! :)

  4. Haha thanks, I plan on going to be early tonight (and tomorrow). :)

  5. I have always thought it would be fun to be on an adult softball team! And smart to split the season! I would have to play outfield, lol.

    WTG on getting up early for that run! :)

  6. It is totally fun! We've gone through a few people that are and aren't reliable over the years, and we usually have the same group of folks that show up. Girls are allowed to use mitts which makes it a bit more fun.

    Thanks! My alarm when off and my half asleep brain was like "Let's do this!!"

  7. Occupy Ballstreet= Epic name for a team! Well done :)

  8. Haha thanks! I'm pretty excited for when we get our shirts with that name on the back. Definitely "of the times" but in a good way. :)