Monday, June 2, 2014

Two Rivers Meet 5k - Race Recap

After completing the Corporate Challenge a few days before, this was the event I planned to race. I participated in the Two Rivers Meet 5k. (I've done it the previous two years.) The event has a 5k, 10k, and 15k. The 15k is the flagship event and the local running clubs get pretty competitive. I had decided to use the 5k as my base time for this new post-baby body.
Right in front at the start of the race!

I was going to start out slower and see how my legs felt. The race started out with the standard rush of newbs. I wanted to run my own race so I started out steady and let my legs lead the way. Before approaching the first mile mark, there was a young boy in front of me (about 10 years old). When I'd approach on the left, he'd swerve to the left. If I went right, he went right too. I don't think he wanted to be passed by a girl. He did let me pass him and I clocked the first mile at 8:25. I didn't feel like I was going to die. In fact, I felt pretty good.

I decided to kick it up a bit for mile #2. The course goes down and around by the river in town and it is very beautiful. I took in the sights as I followed those ahead of me along the course. I continued to pass a few people here and there as I pushed the pace. The second mile was clocked at 8:11.

With only one mile left to go, I still felt great and really decided to push even harder. There wasn't anyone directly in front of me so I tried to follow the markers as the course had changed from the previous year. I soon saw the finish line but the GPS on my phone wasn't matching up. I still pushed it to the end and hoped that I was wrong. After crossing the finish line, my phone said the distance was only 2.76 miles. Final clock time: 22:22. Well now, that can't be right for my 5k time. I overheard several other runners with the same complaint about the short course. The race director was visibly angry and upset, wondering what went wrong. I pulled up the map on my phone and it turns out we went over a bridge where we should have turned, adding on the extra distance. It looks like just about everyone went the wrong way. I was the 3rd woman overall but I didn't stay to collect my award. I didn't feel it was fair as there was no way to know who completed the full distance and who didn't. Well, now I have a new 5k goal time, the time of the shortened course!
Finishing strong! Source

Afterwards, we took a group photo of all the cousin participants, walkers and runners included. Patsy and Pepper too!
Group shot

Next year we are looking to do something different to honor my husband's cousin who passed away on memorial day weekend three years ago. I'm open to suggestions. :)

Patsy is not impressed


  1. Great job on the pace Kelly! How about short run on a long day for a 5k? (Depending on weather of course!).

  2. Thanks Amanda! I think I'm going to work on some speed work and distance training and maybe play it by ear with another summer 5k just because temps are heating up!

  3. patsy is so not impressed haha :) great job!

  4. Looks like a fun race despite the short course (I hate when that happens). Is that race in Indiana?

  5. Bummer about the short course. That happened to me at a 5K at Brookfield Zoo (the reason it was short was because they had to avoid a spot under renovation) and then my goal became to beat that time. Which I eventually did.

    Are you looking for a Memorial Day thing out near Indiana/Michigan? Or would you do something local? Have you ever done the Ridge Run in Beverly?

  6. Yes, I remember that and I remember you working toward your goal. Now I'm in the same boat!

    I don't really know what we're looking for. I think most of the family is kind of tired of the walk up there and looking to do something different--not necessarily athletic related. No, I haven't done the Ridge Run bc we are usually out of town for Memorial Day weekend...

  7. Ugh, what a bummer about the short course! At least the race director was upset too and didn't act like nothing was wrong (been there, sigh).

  8. Well the race director almost seemed mad at us. Like, what did we do wrong?

  9. Ahh, I see. He was mad that the lead runners didn't figure out the course and run it correctly? oops!

  10. Yes, exactly. She explained the course beforehand, telling people street names. A bunch of us just looked at each other blankly. We're not from here. We aren't going to remember street names...

  11. Bummer on the short course. But congrats on the 3rd woman overall finish.

  12. I've only been there briefly a long time ago, and I hardly remember it. From your pictures, it looks like a nice little place!

  13. Meh, parts of the town are quite questionable. The race is held in the "downtown" area by the river which is quite lovely with some beautiful old homes.

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