Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Zooma Fun Run

The folks at Zooma put together a fun run over the weekend to kickoff the August event. I picked up my Patsy girl and headed to the city with Meghan to Universal Sole. We got there early and parked before getting settled in and meet the other ambassadors.

L to R: Tiffany, Sara, Meghan, Becky, Zenaida, me
Hanging out with fellow Zooma ambassadors!
(If you're wondering my top is the Big O burnout tee found here. Meghan's tank can be found here.)

I've been chatting with these folks online and via social media so it was nice to see and meet them in person. We didn't really have an exact course mapped out and navigating the busy city streets and crowded lake front path led to quite a workout! We pretty much stayed as a pack for most of the run as we weaved in and out and around. 

Doing runs like this remind me of my fond days in the city, yet make me thankful that I live in the suburbs. I don't miss the crowds, but I do miss the beautiful lakefront view available on the regular. Towards the end, I was about ready to be done. The sun was hot and pushing the stroller was getting kind of old. It was so fun having Patsy there though. I love that she is still little enough where it is easy to take her to fun events like this.

I'm excited about the Zooma race on Saturday August 2! Come run with me and use code CAMB12 for 10% off your 10k OR half marathon registration..

Special thanks to Zenaida for the pics!


  1. I had such a blast - thanks for the ride! And I love my Oiselle top, though that last photo??? YIKES. Most unflattering angle EVER. Can't wait for more runs - next time, I'll bring Layla!

  2. You look gorgeous, especially since you just had a baby 6 months ago. :) Yes, I'm excited for more runs! I gotta really buckle down with my training. Spartan is slowly and quickly approaching!

  3. I had so much fun and it was great meeting you and Patsy. She is even cuter in person.

  4. Meghan, you look AMAZING!! I've never had a baby and you definitely look in better shape than me. :-)

  5. Thanks so much! I think she is pretty cute too. Buuuuut my opinion may be slightly biased...

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