Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Baby Wilson: Patsy is 9 Months Old!

Patsy is currently: 9 months old. WOW! Is it too soon to start planning her 1 year birthday party? (Rhetorical question)... I accidentally skipped her 8 month update. Time really does go by so fast!

Weight: 19 lbs, 8oz. Holy moly she is heavy! She loves being held (and I love holding her) but sometimes my arms get tired. Forget strength training, just hold her for a few hours on end!

Height: 28 inches

Clothing: She still fits into some of her 6-12 month clothes but is mostly in 12 month clothes now.

Nicknames: We have gotten into the habit of calling her "Patsy Girl"... She definitely knows her name and responds/turns her head whenever you say "Patsy"

Health/Diet: She's still on momma's milk and she is loving her solid foods as well. We skipped cereal completely and she eats a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, and puffs. She will try just about anything and dislikes very few things. She also is really great at feeding herself. We kind of did the baby led weaning method of just putting food in front of her and letting her figure it out. Now, she can completely feed herself (and has been able to since she was 7 months old). It makes for fun experiences at restaurants!
Just noshing on a cucumber
Kiwi time!

Sleep: She still sleeps in the bed with us but we are slowly working on that. I've been trying to get into a nighttime routine and it has been working. Last night she slept amazingly so I'm hoping this is an ongoing trend. Granted, when we night-wean from nursing, I will miss those night time sessions but I know it is just part of growing up!

Milestones: Oh wow, so much! She is moving SO MUCH all the time! She absolutely loves her walker and cruises all over the living room. Watch out when she's going full speed. She'll take out your ankles in a blink of an eye. If you hold her hands and stand her up, she will walk. She is also getting better at standing. She was crawling backwards for about a month and now she is starting to figure out that she needs to go forwards. I'm not in a huge rush for her to crawl or walk so I'm letting her take her time. The biggest thing that has excited me lately is the fact that she has learned how to wave! She loves waving at everyone and she totally performs and loves having an audience. She also started babbling her first few words! Her first word was book and she has since said Da a lot (and dada) and Ma a few times (and mama once).

Likes: cucumbers, strawberries from Dad's garden, snuggles with Mom, car rides, making new friends, blowing raspberries

Dislikes: when mommy comes home and doesn't hold her immediately, when people she doesn't know very well try to hold her