Friday, July 12, 2013

Fashion Friday: Dressing the Bump

Obviously this is not a fashion blog, but I have posted a few things here and there on fashion. Before I got pregnant, I felt I was in a bit of a clothing slump. I felt my wardrobe was frumpy and tired so I had talked to Erin at Loop Looks and she came to do a closet consultation! I felt this meeting gave me the kick I needed to get out of my slump. Just in time too, for my body to start changing and for me to embrace the bump as it continued/continues to grow and grow. Here are some tips the helped me still feel good and confident.

1) Accessorize: This is something I read all over the internet. I invested in some statement necklaces (I was able to get some cheaper items from Etsy and Groopdealz), got some skinny belts to accentuate my new waistline, and I got a few bracelets too. I've never really been one for accessories before, but this tip has definitely helped me feel a bit more "snazzy" in my maternity clothes. Very much a "fake it 'til you make it" kind of a thing. Dressing up every morning for work really does make me feel better in my maternity clothes.

2) Embrace Maternity Clothes: Some of my friends and co-workers held off purchasing any maternity clothes as long as possible. I made the switch probably earlier than I needed to but the pants are just so dang comfortable! Work pants was the hardest thing as they normally sit higher on the waist which was brutal during the nauseous phase and uncomfortable once the belly expanded past the "burrito for lunch" stage. (My full thoughts on brands of maternity clothes can be found here.) I found that I felt better once I was more comfortable. I felt most comfortable in flowy non-maternity tops and maternity pants. Although, now that I'm getting larger, the need for maternity tops is becoming greater. I guess that is what happens when you're in the third trimester! :)

3) Shoes: I think this kind of goes along with #1, but if your feet feel cute in some cute shoes, you'll probably feel better too. I invested in some nice comfy shoes that should last me through the end of the pregnancy. They aren't too bulky and look nice with skinny jeans (one of the downfalls of gym shoes). I also got some comfy flats and flip flops too for when I'm in the mood for something different. I don't normally buy shoes so for me, this was something special. If you normally buy lots of shoes anyways, ignore this note because you already know what I mean! :)

Only 1 of these dresses is maternity. Can you guess which one?
4) Dresses are your best friend: This is really the best advice I received. (I think Bobbi originally posted this on my Facebook page when we first announced that we were expecting.) I feel I was able to find some cute spring and summery dresses that will last me throughout my pregnancy. Some maternity, some not. (And some borrowed from a friend.) Here are some things that helped me when scouring the racks in the non-maternity section.
What to look for in non-maternity dresses:
a) Waistline --Would it hit above or on top of the belly?
b) Straps -- Can I wear a bra with this dress?
c) Stomach region -- How forgiving is it? stretchy? not-so-stretch? Is there a knot or some rouching for extra room?
d) Length -- Is it office-appropriate? When the bump expands and the hemline increases, will it still be comfortable?
If it meets all this criteria and you can also wear it after the baby, it is a win-win and you should buy said item immediately (that is, if you have a coupon or it is on sale).

I hope those of you pregnant mamas out there find these tips helpful! For those experienced mamas out there, are there any tips that I forgot to mention that helped you out? 


  1. Heather BarnsteinJuly 12, 2013 at 11:15 AM

    I love your tips! I have to admit, I'm still in gym shoes. I haven't found any that feel comfortable enough for consistent wear except my running shoes - I've had so many leg issues this pregnancy that it just hasn't worked out. It's made dressing a challenge, that's for sure!

  2. I am sssuming the older fellow in the photo is your peepaw, he's so cute! Great picture.

    It was tough for me to not feel frumpy when I was pregnant because I am not accessory-oriented. It was such a relief to finally be done working and wear maternity sweat pants and thick, fuzzy socks every day.

  3. You've found some really cute stuff!!!

  4. You look gorgeous! I absolutely lived in dresses when I was pregnant though I was not as styled/put together as you. I wore a lot empire styles that were non-maternity and thus transitioned well to post partum, especially in those early weeks. I also really liked the foldover jersey skirts that you find from Old Navy as they could sit low. (Also good post-partum, especially as I had a C-section.) And I want those gold shoes.

  5. Yay, I'm glad that dress is working for you!!! Looks cute :)

  6. I've been lucky I haven't had any leg issues. Hopefully you can find something that works for you! Best of luck with the rest of your pregnancy!

  7. Yes, the older fellow in the photo is my grandpa. The baby is due around his birthday so he couldn't be more excited. :)

    Oh man, coming home and throwing on a sports bra and sweat pants is quite possibly the best part of my entire day. Lol!

  8. Thanks so much! I haven't looked into those jersey skirts, but I know what you're talking about. I never quite know what to wear those with so I haven't bought any. I'll have to look into them though, they seem super comfy.

  9. These are all great tips! And you look so adorable, too! I have been waiting to purchase work clothes simply because I don't return for another month and I anticipate growing more. Then, I need to do a massive shopping trip so I will keep this post in mind!

  10. Thanks! Best of luck! I'll be looking for a post to see where you find your gear! Check out my post on my favorite stores for maternity clothes.

  11. These are some great tips regardless if you've got a bump or not :) I definitely feel snazzy when I'm wearing some of the bangles and earrings L gave me :) you and the bump look so adorable!

  12. Thanks! I've been putting in a few extra minutes and they really do make all the difference when feeling frump versus feeling snazzy! :)

  13. Michelle @ Crazy Running LegsJuly 15, 2013 at 9:42 PM

    You've found some great stuff - and yes, dresses ARE your friend! Especially fitted ones.

    One thing I wish I had bought more of was shirts/dresses that are nursing friendly. There are actually a bunch out there (anything that makes the boobs especially accessible). Not that I can't buy them now, but I feel a little weird going into the maternity section with a newborn!

  14. Nursing gear? I didn't even think of that! I've seen some stuff but haven't purchased because I haven't liked the style of it. I'll have to be on the lookout the next time I'm browsing the clearance section. :) Thanks for the tips!