Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Baby Wilson: 32 Weeks

How far along? 32 weeks
Baby’s size/development this week: weighs 3 3/4 pounds and measures 16.7 inches long; about the size of a squash or jicama
Maternity clothes: wearing them? Yes. I haven’t made any purchases in a few weeks and I think I have enough stuff to get me through the end of the pregnancy. Hard to believe that Baby will be here soon!
Miss anything? Being able to maneuver around without needing assistance.
Food cravings? I love pickles lately. I could eat them just as a snack (this is after hating them for years). We have lots of cucumbers in our garden so I’m looking into pickling our own! We’ll see if that pinterest project actually pans out.
Anything making you queasy or sick? Not really anything new here.
Sleep: So I think my time of blissful sleep through the night has ended for the next several months. This past weekend I woke up a few times during the night whether it was to go to the bathroom, feeling the baby kick, or no reason at all. Either way, I think my body is getting ready for Baby’s arrival!
Best moment of the week: I don’t know what my best moment of the week was. Nothing really all that exciting happened but nothing bad happened either. Baby is still consistently moving and I can’t wait to hear the heartbeat again on Thursday! :)
Nursery: I made a little art project for the wall with my old card making supplies and a few additional cutouts. I have some ideas of other things to make but we’ll see how creative I actually get with them. Hoping that the hubs paints the nursery this weekend so I can get things organized in there!
Wedding rings on or off? on
Movement? Lots of it! As I mentioned last week, the kicks and squirms are pretty strong. Some of them have even been mildly painful. Should be fun to see how much stronger these things get in the next few weeks!
Weird pregnancy thing of the week: The back pain is still an issue. Thankfully my BRF got me a wonderful gift of a prenatal massage! I cannot wait to use it! The other weird thing that has started is that it just harder for me to move around. When going to sleep, I have to lie down and get up slowly. If I lay in the tub, sometimes I need help getting up. If I lay on the couch, I sometimes need to work hard to get up. I can imagine things will only get harder in the weeks to come!
Daddy is feeling: a little stressed and overwhelmed. Aren’t we all?
Mommy is feeling: Ready for the nursery to be done so I can do the fun part, decorating and organizing!
Workouts this week: Lots of walking, as usual. I went with my running club for a group walk and it was a lot of fun.  We even went out for ice cream afterwards!
Looking forward to: My first baby shower this weekend! I’m so excited to celebrate with my husband’s family. Everyone has been through so much lately and this baby has already brought so much happiness to them. I’m very much looking forward to hanging out with everyone in celelbration.


  1. you look SO cute in your little jean shorts!!

    I crave pickles all the time too! Let me know how the experiment goes!

  2. Making pickles is so easy! I don't even like them (I've been verrrry slowly warming up to them since meeting my hubs, since he loves them), but I like making them :)

    It's so cool to hear how actively the baby has been kicking and squirming - that must be so exciting! Have fun at your shower this weekend!

  3. Thanks Kelsey! I'll be sure to post how my pickle experiment goes. I'm going to try this weekend!

  4. How do you make them?! Do you follow a pin on Pinterest or do you have an old family recipe or something. :) We have lots of cucumbers so I want to get pickling this weekend!

    Thanks! We're very excited. :)

  5. I've used Alton Brown's recipes for bread & butter ( and dill ( - I wouldn't know a good pickle, but I heard both turned out pretty well! My friend once ate an entire jar of the b&b in one sitting (also while pregnant), so I guess those were especially good.

  6. I remember the kicks coming to a head at around maybe 34-36 weeks. After that, baby was so crammed in there, she really didn't have the room to get a lot of power behind her kicks. Of course by that point he'll be all the way up in your rib cage and you'll have a whole new set of problems. ENJOY! =D

  7. You and that bump are so adorable! I hope the massage helps your back pain. Please post the outcome of your pickling experiments. I'm so in love with bread n butter pickles post workout. Have fun at the baby shower!

  8. Thanks! I will most definitely post the outcomes of the experiment. I think i'm going to try it this weekend! I have Martha's Method and Alton Brown's method. To very reputable sources. Hopefully it turns out well!

  9. You look so awesome! Enjoy the massage - and the nursery decorating (!

  10. Thanks Kim! Once the nursery is decorated, I'll be sure to post some photos!

  11. Ahh! I cannot believe that you are already at 32 weeks. You look awesome! Can't wait to hear all about the shower!

  12. Thanks! I'll be sure to do a post about the shower next week. :)

  13. Haha, I normally feel the same way. This pregnancy has changed my taste buds!