Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Baby Wilson: 28 Weeks

How far along? 28 weeks
Baby’s size/development this week: weighs 2 1/4 pounds and measures 14.8 inches long; about the size of an eggplant
Maternity clothes: wearing them? Yes. I can’t really fit into many of my old pre-pregnancy shirts anymore because they are too short and leave the belly exposed. No thanks! 
Miss anything? Enjoying a beer on the boat while the sun is shining… However, I don’t miss being hungover! (I never handled hangovers well.)
Food cravings? I have realized that I now like pickles. I have disliked pickles for a long time but now I catch myself ordering them on my sandwiches and not ordering things without them. 
Anything making you queasy or sick? Salads. That is probably not a good thing. Lol.
Sleep: I’m sleeping fine through the night, although waking up in a pool of sweat is pretty disgusting. TMI? 
Best moment of the week: Hearing the baby’s heartbeat again at our 28 week appointment. I seriously never get tired of hearing that sound. It is spectacular. :)
Nursery: Nothing this week. I should probably get rolling on this soon…
Wedding rings on or off? on
Movement? Pretty regular and becoming stronger. The kicks will move your hand if you catch them at the right moment! I’m also feeling some stretching and positioning. The baby is burrowed deep down there and hasn't gotten into position yet, but there is still plenty of time for that. 12 weeks to go! WOW!! 
Weird pregnancy thing of the week: Strangers on the street are starting to notice that I’m visibly pregnant. They will stare at my belly as I walk by… STARING. It really is strange to have people staring at your belly instead of ignoring you, like they normally do. 
Daddy is feeling: like there is still quite a bit left to do…
Mommy is feeling: that we no longer have “plenty of time”… we are less than 3 months away from the arrival! 3 months is not a long time!
Workouts this week: Um, considering removing this question because all I’m doing these days is walking. I like my walks though. :)
Looking forward to: Some rest and relaxation in Michigan over 4th of July weekend (and meeting up with Anne)!


  1. Amanda - TooTallFritzJuly 2, 2013 at 9:13 AM

    It looks like you've grown a lot this week. To me anyhow. Looking good, momma! Sooooo exciting!!!

  2. I thought the same thing, Amanda! You look amazing, Kelly!

  3. It's so weird that people are really obviously staring at your belly! I'll admit, I do usually look, but I try not to be so obvious. I guess everyone is kind of fascinated by the idea that there's a little person growing in there :)

    I'm looking forward to our ice cream date! We can even squeeze in a walk if you want to "work out" together :)

  4. Haha, I am still fascinated by the idea. It really is quite amazing.

    Going for a walk with our ice cream sounds great! I'll wear my comfy walking shoes! :)

  5. Is there any other kind of shoe to wear in Michigan? I usually cycle between my swimsuit /cover-up and PJ's, so no fancy shoes there :)

  6. Katie @ Live Half FullJuly 2, 2013 at 10:36 AM

    Where are you ladies going to be!? How fun!

  7. Michiana area. You'll be closer to Detroit, right?

  8. You are so stinkin' adorable. I actually just had my first stranger ask how far along I was today. I can imagine it only increases from here on out:) Have an awesome time in Michigan!

  9. Thanks! I did love that, when I went from looking like I ate a big lunch to actually looking pregnant. Some outfits seem to show off the bump more than others too. :)

  10. You look fantastic! 12 weeks seems so close now- just over 80 days :) the staring by strangers would make me stabby! Have they made any inappropriate comments to you yet? (I hope not) I've read too much about how random people & family say stupid insensitive things to pregnant women.

    Enjoy your long weekend!

  11. Katie @ Live Half FullJuly 2, 2013 at 1:27 PM

    Yep, enjoy your walk!

  12. Awww! You and Anne are going to have so much fun!

    Those people are staring at you because you look so cute! :)

    I wonder if the pickle cravings will continue after the baby arrives! :)

    I want to feel a kick!!!

  13. Thanks! I know... scary thought! 12 weeks seems so far away yet so close at the same time! No one has made any inappropriate comments yet but I imagine that may change over time. A friend of mine said that the people at Dunkin Donuts would give her judgey looks when she would get coffee there because she didn't go with decaf. Caffeine is allowed in pregnancy, just in moderation!

    Thanks! I'm very much looking forward to it.

  14. Haha thanks! I wonder if this pickle thing will stick around? Many people have said that their tastes changed during and after pregnancy, or sometimes just during. Should be interesting to find out!

    That just means we'll have to go for a lunch again sometime when the baby is active! :)

  15. People are staring because you look so cute! :)

  16. haha i love this weeks post for so many reasons!! i do not miss the hangovers either... i loved it when ty would be laid out on the couch all day and id be cleaning the whole house smiling cuz i didnt feel like crap haha (supportive wife of the year award right here...) ew ew ew pickles. no thanks! eat more oreos ;) hearing the HR is the best thing ever, until you hear them cry of course. night sweats dont stop when youre done being pregnant, sorry to tell you. and keep enjoying those walks, you'll be happy you did in the end! (wow, quite the run on paragraph of random crap there haha)

  17. i drank coffee every day :)

  18. Haha, thanks! Being the only sober one at the party isn't always fun, but sleeping through the night and waking up without having a headache or wanting to vomit is quite refreshing! Haha. I can't wait to hear baby's first sounds. The movements have gotten grander and they just make me that much more excited! I plan on continuing the walks... good to know that helps!! :)