Friday, January 18, 2013

Wisconsin Dells Weekend Intro

Yesterday I had a meeting in Michigan and then met up with some friends for a "couples trip" in Wisconsin Dells. I drove an hour to Chicago, 3 hours to Michigan for a client meeting, another 3 hours to a Chicago suburb to drop off a colleague, and then 2.5 more hours before reaching my final destination. As I sit here writing this post and doing the math, that is a lot of hours and a lot of driving. Yikes. I didn't get my run in afterwards because I was absolutely spent when I reached my final destination. That is probably the most driving I've ever done in a single day in my entire life.

I wad hoping to sneak in a run before we have too many activities to do today, but I slept in instead. Oopsies! We did go to some waterparks so at least I got in some cross training with the stairs and swimming. That totally counts, right? :)

Tomorrow I'm hoping we can go the the outlet mall and get in our run while the boys are at the casino. We have very different ideas of fun so it will be nice to split it up like we did when we were in Las Vegas.

Have you ever been to Wisconsin Dells? We've hit a lot of the tourist hot spots today (including Wizard Quest) and it looks like that will be continuing into the evening!


  1. It's been ages since I've been to the Dells! I think the only thing I remember is boating? Duck tours? Hopefully there are some fun winter activities! Have fun!

  2. I have never been to the Dells, although if I had a choice between an outlet mall or a casino, I'd stay at the waterpark! :-)

  3. I probably haven't been to the dells in almost 20 years! I will be near there in April, i might have to check out these outlet malls....

  4. We actually did all the fun touristy things and they were open even though it was winter!

  5. We didn't actually end up going there which I was kind of disappointed about. They did have a decent selection including Nike, adidas, and Old Navy! Yowzas!