Monday, January 21, 2013

A Restaurant Post - Wisconsin Dells Edition

Whenever the husband and I go on vacation, we like to explore some of the local fare. Looking for some of the best local restaurants can be difficult when you're in a tourist town in the "off season" when a decent amount of establishments are closed. I spent the weekend in Wisconsin Dells with some friends, and we shied away from huge chains that we can get back at home. Here is a quick summary of some of our favorite eats from the trip.

Sprecher's Brewery
I've been to this place before and it was just as delicious the 2nd time around. They make their own beer and pop so there really is something for everyone (you may have tried their root beer before). Their menu was extensive with lots of vegetarian options. I have eaten there twice and both times it was outstanding. The service is always fantastic and I really can't say enough great things about their food. I highly recommend the fried cheese curds. It is a Wisconsin delicacy and one you shouldn't miss! (website)

Foodie photography skills to the rescue!
Moosejaw Pizza and Brewery
This restaurant calls you in with their huge signage and an adorable moose mascot. We arrived on a Saturday night with no reservation and were able to get a table for 7 with less than a 30 minute wait. They make their own beer and had sampler platters available (which is always fun). The restaurant was 3 levels with a bar on each level and an arcade in the basement. This was a great place for families or friends to gather together and eat. On our way to our seats, I saw someone eating taco pizza and I just knew that was what I had to order. Sauce, meat, cheese, lettuce and Doritos all on a pizza? How could I go wrong? It was delicious and lived up to my expectations. The beers were also very good. I think this is a great restaurant for a family where mom and dad could have a good time too! (website)

Cheese Factory Restaurant
Staying at the Wilderness Lodge, we passed this place any time we left the campus. It didn't look like much on the outside but it had some great Yelp reviews. There was one drawback for our group, it was a vegetarian only restaurant. This deterred some of the guys in our group from wanting to go there, but after having some disappointing breakfast meals at other local restaurants, we ate here for our last meal before heading back home. The menu had extensive options including meatless and fake meat options for both breakfast and lunch. I went with a skillet that was full of fresh grilled vegetables that you wouldn't normally see in a skillet. They had a delicious coffee bar with cool specialty flavors as well as homemade baked good and some to-die-for looking desserts. They only had 1 waiter for the entire restaurant so the service was a little slow, but they brought out the food as it was ready so everything was nice and hot. I would highly recommend this place if you're in the area, even if you're not vegetarian! Although, it is only open for breakfast and lunch (I think this was because it was "off season"). (website)


  1. I think we ate at Moosejaw when I was in the Dells years ago! There may even be photos of Jason and I with the moose antler hats on...

  2. There were plenty of moose antler hats to go around!!

  3. Hahahaha, I totally found the photo. It's from 2006.

  4. Aw, so cute! Is it weird that 2006 doesn't seem that long ago? Yet so much has changed....

  5. Hard to get good food in the Dells. I always feel miserable by the time we leave. UGH! This was the best place we ate last summer. Not sure if its year round though.

  6. I gotta say that Sprecher's had the best selection of "healthy" food. I got a wrap and the greens were actually a spring mix. They also have side salad alternatives to fries and all of their food is really good. If you guys go back there, I highly recommend it. It has unhealthy and healthy food for everyone!

    We didn't try this place, but I'll have to note it for next time!