Friday, September 7, 2012

90s Alternative Music and Other Things

I'm a little upset. I had this great post all typed out and then my phone froze up. I saw it was saved as a "local draft" but didn't think anything of it. When I had to turn off and turn back on my phone, this "local draft" was gone. FWP for sure.

ANYWAYS... Last night I met up with my favorite group of Thursday night runners. My legs were a little tight from Tuesday's double header so I took it easy and slow. I also only did 3 miles which was also nice.
L to R: Me, Maggie, Joe, Kathy, Becky, Julie, Jill, Amanda, Kim, Becky
It is now September. We get it Mother Nature. Fall hasn't officially started yet. You keep reminding us with your ridiculously humid and hot days and evenings. Evenings are not supposed to be in the 80s. Seriously. Thankfully the temps are supposed to cool down soon. But I have a feeling they'll be right back up there before September is over. We have seen temperatures in the high 70s in October (ahem, Chicago Marathon 2011)...

A few weeks ago I created a "90s Alternative" station on Pandora. I haven't liked a single song or added to the station. It continues to play music from my youth and teenage years and I absolutely LOVE IT. Here are a few gems that came on recently.

Gems I tell ya! After much thought and deliberation, I've decided on a nice little 5k to run the day before the Chicago Marathon. Since I'm not running it this year, I figure I should have some fun the day before! That means I should probably get back to my speedwork since I have taken a little break from it. I hope to start incorporating some speedwork next week. Maybe even a ladder at the track!? :)

Although I'm not running the Chicago Marathon this year, I plan on heading downtown and running with my various friends along the route. I will probably try to be at a few different places. Once everyone else has their plan figured out, I'll probably adjust my plans to fit theirs. Are you running the Chicago Marathon? I plan on wearing something bright so I can stick out when people are looking for me! I'm looking forward to helping out :)


  1. First of all, I LOVE 90s alt music. My fav. That was definitely my era of music.

    Thinking I might do the same, support all the people I've gotten to know that are running the marathon. I'm just so proud, I want to support.

  2. 70s?! Chicago 2011 and 2010 were both in the 80s! UGH! I hope they have nice weather this year! I think it's awesome you are going down to cheer and run with friends! :) I think I will head up to the Milwaukee Marathon to do the same :)

    I love when a song comes on from my youth! I can almost always remember something associated with it!

    I have lots of issues with typing things them it disappearing so I copy everything now before it "saves." Even blog comments. It's happened to me on my phone too :(

    Which 5K?!

  3. I am a firm believer that alternative music peaked between 1994-96. But, I was in COLLEGE then. Thanks for making me feel old. :-)

  4. Yeah, that marathon sucked. Haha. I am going to do something similar to what I did for Amanda during the Illinois Marathon. I'm going to run with a bunch stuff runners might need in my pockets! Gu, salt packets, chews, Kleenex, wet wipes, vaseline... and not to mention smiles and high fives too! Haha It is going to be so exciting, I cant wait!

    I'm doing the Old Plank Trail 5k! It is in Frankfort, IL and only costs $15. What a steal!

  5. Haha, that is okay. When my sister in law has no idea what any of the songs are (including Nirvana), that makes me feel old too. My sister in law turned 18 in June.

  6. If you have pretzels with you during the marathon, I will be so happy :) Just wanted to put that out there ...