Saturday, November 26, 2011

Saturday Haze

From left to right: Kate, Amanda, Kate, me
Thanksgiving morning started out with a great run, the 4 mile Palos Park Turkey Trot. I haven't run this race in years (about 9 or 10) and we decided it was the beginning of a new tradition. I met up with my friends Kate and Kate and my marathon running buddy Amanda. We had a really great time and I didn't do too shabby at the race. I haven't been feeling well the past few days so my goal was to finish with sub 9:00 splits and I ended up finishing in 33:01 with 8:16 splits. Pretty happy considering the hills! I didn't get the chance to meet up with some of my blogger friends, despite crossing the finish line a second apart (literally). I placed 10 for my age group, which isn't that bad considering the top 3 placers all had splits in the low-mid 7's. During the awards ceremony they were raffling off some items and my friend Kate ended up winning a free pair of shoes! Amanda is due next for a prize, so I hope its a good one! After the race, we met up with some of my other marathon training group folks for a good old fashioned tailgate. We ate some food and drank some beverages while talking about marathons and other upcoming races. It was a great time had by all!
Jeanne and I
The group is talking a lot about doing and planning for the Illionis Marathon in April. I don't plan on running it but the Southwest Bank Half Marathon is the following weekend (and I do plan on running that). I was thinking of going out and doing a lot of my miles with the group, running part of the way with them before turning around and heading back. It would be great to continue to run with the group and have accountability for running in the cold and blistery winter months. I'm hoping to PR my half marathon time and run it with splits in the 8's, maybe even the 7's??? There is plenty of time for speed work and increased distance to work towards this goal.

After I got home from the race, it was time to check out my goodie bag. I was really excited about the gender specific sizing on these running jackets I've heard so much about. I didn't try them on beforehand because I didn't think I needed to. I was really excited about the $15 off shoes coupon included as I am always in need for another pair of shoes!!!

Unfortunately when I tried on the jacket, it was huge (and def not a women's small). My husband saw it and thought "that might fit me?"
Husband modeling RFK Turkey Trot jacket
And it did.

Our Thanksgiving was with my husband's family and pretty low-key which was perfect. I made a dip and it was gone in about 5 minutes. (They usually don't serve appetizers so it was a big hit.) I was happy things ended early so we could rest up before going Black Friday shopping. Unfortunately the Black Friday shopping experience was sub par compared to previous years. None of the stores had their act together, except for Target. The deals weren't really all that great anywhere, some stores opened at midnight while others didn't open until 4am. The mall was crawling with high school kids just loitering, not even buying anything. The lines were ridiculous and there were not enough cashiers. All-in-all, not sure if I will be back next year. I got home around 4 and slept the majority of the day. We then had a wedding that same night so I didn't have any time to blog. Our hot water heater has been out so we've been messing with it without much luck fixing it. I have a new strategy that will hopefully work so we'll see!


  1. I order my husband's and my jackets both in medium and I'm pretty sure they are the exact same, just different colors (his is black). I should have at least ordered mine in small, and it might have fit me. I ordered his in a size I could wear (the smallest men's size available was medium) since my husband never wears his race swag.

  2. The small was huge. I don't think these were the right women's sizes. It is now my husband's new jacket for when he is working in the yard. Oh well... Maybe next year they'll go back to hoodies??