Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Labor Day Off

Ah Labor Day. It was the last weekend of the summer, and mother nature wanted to remind us. It was a hot one and my previous post about marathon regret seemed far, far from my mind. I ran a leisurely 3 miles on Saturday morning in the hot and humid sun instead of 18 or 19 miles. My weekly schedule has been off because of my work and study schedule. I planned to do my long run on Sunday and then Monday but neither one of those ended up happening. I chose to study and drink margaritas instead of running. I regret nothing.

Although running didn't fit into the schedule, we did go out on kayaks for about an hour. We went a mile out down a small creek to get to a mini retention dam. We took lots of photos but they are still on a camera (and not my camera). On the way back, my husband's little cousin wanted to join me on my kayak. I accepted and moved that little extra 60 lbs back home without any problems. I thought my arms would feel like jello afterwards, but they didn't. I guess that means I wasn't paddling hard enough. Haha.

Yesterday I had a vacation day where I planned on sleeping in and having a productive day. Well, sometimes the best laid plans don't always come to fruition. I was feeling some guilt for having not run all weekend so I got up super duper early to run 6 miles with some of my FN Runner friends. After I got home, I stretched and then went back to sleep for a few hours. I felt much better the 2nd time around and was able to get some studying done. Unfortunately, the laptop I was using completely died so I wasn't able to do all the review problems that I wanted to. So I watched an episode of Rizzoli and Isles instead. And since I was off work, I got a chance to run with the Tuesday night FN Runner group that I never get to run with. Even though I ran in the morning, I decided to also run at night too. I mean, I am running Ragnar 2013. Why not start prepping now, right? :)
Evening run outfit. My lavender Oiselle Lori Shorts matched my socks and shoes perfectly.

In other news, my dog got groomed and she HATED it. She has been slightly traumatized since her new haircut but is slowly returning to her old self. I think her face in this photo says it all.


  1. Not having to run 18 or more miles right now sounds divine. Gosh your pup is cute. I think they all loathe the groomer. I know mine sure do.

  2. Great pic of your dog. Looks like she's happy with her new haircut!

  3. LOL @ Pepper!

    That sounds like a nice weekend! Especially the minimal running! I love two-a-days when I can fit them in! You're right - do them now, why not?! :)

  4. She looks very displeased. But, as a woman I can understand the traumatic effects that a bad hair cut can leave behind. She just needs to avoid mirrors for now and sport some stylish hats.