Monday, October 15, 2012

Code Name: Fraidy Cat

On my way home from my grandparents' house, Kim called me and asked if I wanted to meet up with her and a few other bloggers (Erin and Sara) for a little haunted experience. We were going to go on a hayride to shoot some zombies with paint ball guns and explore a corn maize. (Get it? Maize?) I got home from my grandparents house and hit the books so I could have a fun evening out. I missed dinner but met everyone at the park. On my way out the door, I didn't have time for a full meal so I grabbed a Picky Bar to hold me over.

(I've struggled with fuel in the past so I'm trying out some different types of fuel on this next training cycle. I will let you know how it goes.)

Upon arriving, I met up with the girls and their respective significant others before heading towards the zombie hayride. Walking into the hayride tunnel, I heard some screams and immediately regretted my decision to come. I'm pretty much the biggest baby when it comes to most things scary. Turns out the screams were just from some guy trying to scare his girlfriend. I was a little jumpy. How am I going to get through a whole hayride if I can't even get through the tunnel?

Once on the hayride, I saw that there was an industrial sized grate keeping us in, and the guns were securely stationed on the side of the grate. We were given military-style instructions while some "hard rock" music played in the background. After a few practice areas, we were off. Some of the "zombies" were definitely more zealous about their current profession than others. It was fun being with a group as various members offered snarky remarks, and I had more than one back to hide behind when I got scared (which was often). I fully admit to not really committing to the gun and leaning back, daintily pressing the trigger for most shots.
Thanks for the photo Kim! (Photo editing done in Pic Monkey)

If these were zombies from the Walking Dead, we would have totally been overrun based on the amount of noise we were making. (Giant generator, tractor with trailer, screaming drill sergeant) After the hay ride, we headed to the corn maize (which I was assured wasn't haunted). Various spouses led the way while us ladies talked about running, marathons, coaches, and everything in between. (Running bloggers talking about running? What?)

Getting close to the end of the maze, a guy in a mask and an employee sweatshirt walked up to us, staring and making weird grunts/noises. He surveyed the group, looking for a weak link as I was trying to sheepishly hide behind whoever was close by me. I chose Kim and that was a mistake. When he went up to Kim she told him "Don't get me, get her!" He then tried to come towards me as I screamed and started running as fast as I could the opposite way, except I got tangled up in a corn stalk and just about ran Erin over.

It was not one of my proudest moments, but I was absolutely terrified. Then the guy started to walk towards me again, so I ran the other way. He just kept following me as he knew I was the weakest link and was the most scared. Kim felt really bad afterwards as I don't think she was expecting me to be as afraid as I was! Lol! When he finally went away, we were at the end of the maize. Upon exiting, one of the employees asked us how it was. We said we had fun and mentioned that there was an escaped zombie! She said that there shouldn't  have been any zombies in the maze and asked for a full description of the guy that we saw. Apparently it was supposed to be a "family friendly" maze so this guy was in trouble (and he was apparently not an employee). Either way, it led to a fun story and I had a fun time with my friends and their spouses!

Are you someone that likes haunted things around Halloween? Haunted houses, haunted hayrides, creepy cemetery tours... (If you haven't guessed, I am not a fan.)


  1. Funny story, but probably not too funny at the time as the runaway zombie took his job a little too seriously! However, I never knew that there was a place where one could shoot zombies with paintball guns. Cool.

  2. It is funny now, but definitely was NOT funny at the the time (to me at least). It was a fun experience, but some of the zombies were a little more into their job than others.

  3. You know how I feel about haunted houses :)

  4. as you may have guessed when i shouted "Aim for the head!", i live for this stuff!

  5. I think it was super duper awesome to go with you because you were scared and it made it more fun! I want to go to a haunted house with you so we can hug and squeal! Yes?!

    LOL. What a ton of fun though! Still so sorry I turned that guy on you ;)

    I am anxious to hear how the Pikcy Bars are !:)

  6. P.S. Forgot to say, love the edit to the photo. Ha!

  7. Haha I don't see any haunted houses in my future... That corn maze was scary enough!! Haha I will be bringing a Picky Bar to fuel me through Zooma... get ready! :)

  8. Haha thanks! I tried to fix it so it wasn't so bright but that wasn't working... so I had fun with the other effects instead.

  9. Irina @ Chocolatea TimeOctober 16, 2012 at 10:22 PM

    Haunted houses are the best! As long as you have someone to hide behind though...

    I *think* I like creepy things...I ran that Rosehill Cemetery 5k a few weeks back and loved it!

  10. Haha, you are much braver than me! I don't think I could do a 5k in a cemetery... or maybe I would and get a PR because I was running out of pure fear... :)