Friday, April 27, 2012

Running with Fast Women

Lately I have been reviewing the thought of having a coach. Yesterday I took the plunge and will be starting new workouts and a new plan next week. Who is my coach? Why Chicago Runner Girl, Britt! I heard super awesome things from Kim about her and I'm excited to greater explore my potential! :)

As what has become a Thursday night tradition, I met the folks at the FNRC for our Thursday night run.
L to R: Nicole, Kate LF, Genevieve, Wayne, Susan NMc, Maggie, me
We had some time to kill while waiting for everyone to come so Maggie and I wanted to take some awesome photos, just hanging with our besties... Shalane and Kara.
Original Source. Special thanks to Maggie!

Last night I wanted to give a tempo run another shot as I was disappointed with things the first time around. Maggie and I talked earlier in the day that we would do the workout together. My goal was to do a 1 mile warm up, 3 miles at tempo (under 8 minutes), and 1 mile cool down. Tempo mile 1 was nice and we hit 7:55. I was really happy with this first split. Maybe I can figure out this tempo thing?! At the halfway point, we turned around and I realized why the 1st mile felt nice--tailwind. We were now heading into a headwind for the 2nd part of our tempo. Despite the headwind, we kept on track and finished mile 2 in 7:53. Only one mile to go! The last mile had no talking which means we were doing it right, right? My stomach started to bother me here as it was on empty. Note: plan better afternoon snacks for Thursday night runs. Despite this, we finished our last tempo mile in 7:52. I was so happy that we met our splits and I had someone to share in the misery/fun! I feel really happy and confident after this workout and more prepared for the Palos Half Marathon next weekend. More to come on that later...

Tomorrow I'm heading down to Champaign/Urbana to cheer on my marathon pal Amanda as she completes her 2nd marathon!  I'm going to run part of the race with her so I'll try to put together a "spectator" report if my phone isn't ruined due to the impending rain. Best of luck to all of those running and racing this weekend!

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  1. I was just thinking about finding a coach too. Is this your first running coach? I haven't ever had one so I'm wondering how I'll adapt. Can't wait to read more about it.

    1. Yes, this is my first time using a running coach (since my high school track days). I am very excited to get started and I'll let you guys know how it goes! We are doing a 12 week program to work towards some goal races so I'm pretty pumped!! :)

  2. I seriously love that picture and want to be a part of it with my jacket. I am excited to hear about your adventures in being coached!! Have fun in Champaign :)

  3. Haha, nice! It may or may not be my new FB cover photo. :D

    Thanks! It is supposed to rain for the entire race in Champaign so that should be interesting....

  4. I'm also going to work with Coach Britt once I figure out a goal race.. Proving extremely difficult right now

    Great job on the tempo run!

    1. Britt is so nice. I'm excited that I can now officially call someone coach and I have some guidance on my workouts! You'll have to let us (the blogging world) know how it goes! Yay for coaches!


  5. At least you'll be moving in the rain? I'll be standing there with an umbrella!

    Nice job on the tempo run! I hate tempo runs so much. Almost as much as mile repeats. Almost.

    Also, I enjoy that you were hanging with your besties in the mountainous region of Illinois :-)

  6. Either scenario, it sounds like we're getting wet!!

    Thanks! I was so excited to have actually done a tempo run right, I wasn't thinking about hatred. (yet?)

    Yes, there are lots of mountains in Illinois this time of year. :P

  7. Did you see the lastest pic Kara put on FB? I think it's her, Shalane and Deena. I was really surprised you and Maggie weren't there (they had those same jackets on, lol).

    You are going to LOVE working with Britt. She rocks!

    WTG on the tempo. I bet it really helps to have a friend do it with you, like you said. Did you guys try to talk at all while you were doing it, or did you just crank out the miles?

  8. Love your "besties" photo Kelly! Can't wait until I can cheer you guys on for the Palos Half next Sunday!!

  9. Yes, I saw that one. We actually took that photo, can't you tell? ;)

    I'm super excited to work with Britt. I got my first email the other day!! :D

    We did talk for part of the tempo in the beginning and middle. Although that last mile, it was mostly heavy breathing and continuous Garmin checking (Are we almost done yet??)