Friday, April 20, 2012

Random Thoughts on a Friday

I watched the "We're Not Young" video this morning and was almost late to work because of it. Verdict: worth it. That video is hysterical, seriously.

Last night I met up with my Thursday night run group. It was all ladies so we had a little fun with the group photo.
L to R: Me, Maggie, Kathy, Amanda, Kate LF, Genevieve
Prom pose!

I really enjoy these group runs and they are a great point in my week. I was originally going to do some speedwork but my body wasn't feeling up to it and my stomach was upset. Note: Summer Shandy and guacamole flavored tortilla chips are not good pre-run fuel. I need to have better self control at work parties on Thursdays. They are rare, we've just had one the past two weeks, ironically.

Maggie and I ran 4 miles together at about 9:00 pace. We both weren't feeling great so it was nice to keep a strong conversation pace while not pushing too hard. We saw a hawk on our run and it was swooping down on the trail and I was hoping to see it catch something. Maggie was hoping it didn't try to catch us.
Mission = Accomplished #hawkthoughts

There was a mother/daughter duo on a tandem bike on the trail and the hawk swooped pretty close to them. They seemed concerned, but the hawk was like NBD! #hawkthoughts (Also, I need to have a tandem bike when I have kids. I need to think of creative ways to be an embarrassing parent, right? I think it will be my duty. :D)


  1. Ha ha ha. That video is funny! It's funny you posted it, because I was just listening to a podcast where Jillian Michaels was interviewing Danica Patrick, and Danica was saying she is excited for her 30s, and Jillian was saying how awesome her 30s were, but I think mine will be more like that. Already, I feel like a lazy smack, career-wise. Oh well. More than that defines me ;)

    I love your hawkthoughts. I have been attacked by a bird while running. Luckily, not a hawk!

  2. Haha, let's hope our 30s are some where in between! :)

    #hawkthoughts is my new favorite thing for the day. That and First World Problems. I have a post ready to go for tomorrow. YAY

  3. Just found your blog...but had to leave a comment because #hawkthoughts made me literally lol :) Consider your blog followed!

  4. OMG that video.... So funny!

  5. OMG birds of prey scare me!!!! Have you heard about the bald eagle's next in Palos??? It's near 131st and Wolf. Just southwest of Swallow Cliff. It's all blocked off from humans (the area around the nest, not Swallow Cliff). I think I'll be avoiding running in that area altogether for awhile.

  6. Haha, thanks! I wanted it to start trending on Twitter but apparently I don't know how to make that happen. Haha

  7. I saw that article but I didn't read up. How awesome! I would love to see it! I think we are safe on OPT (for the most part)... :)