Thursday, April 12, 2012

Back to Business... With a Plan

Since my recent races and following vacation, I needed to come up with a new training plan for the Palos Half Marathon. Thanks to Runners World Smart Coach, I was able to put together a 1 month plan that fits my current fitness level and desired weekly mileage. The only change is that the plan calls for running 4 days a week, with lower mileage each time. This is different than my current plan of 3 days a week with more mileage per run. The plan seems to be giving me a good guide to get a sub 1:55 half marathon (my newest goal) and I think/know I can do it. (The training plan suggests a 1:48 half marathon.) I've always used Hal Higdon in the past but with my funky "I signed up for too many races" schedule, it's nice that the RW schedule is flexible and allows for adjustments.

Last night was day 1 of the plan and called for a 2 mile easy run at 9:40 pace. I usually run at a 9:30 pace so it was hard to find just my niche just a tad slower. I found it in the end and had a nice run. Tonight is a planned tempo run of a 1 mile warm up, 3 miles at 8:08 pace, and a 1 mile cool down. The thought of this run scares me... Slightly... It's okay though, it will be hard but the best thing I can do is try, right? :)

In other food news, I made a colossal mistake at the grocery store on Monday. I accidentally bought the fat free pretzels and they taste disgusting.
 Apparently pretzels are not one of those things worth going the fat free route (like cream cheese and cheese). Now I'm stuck eating a giant bag of these things because I hate to waste food. Does anyone have any great ideas of things to add to or mix with pretzels to make them taste better? I'm open to suggestions.

ALSO, my Oiselle shorts came in the mail from The Clymb.
Don't mind the dismal lighting. The shorts are lavender, not grey.

It has been so cold outside that I haven't gotten the chance to wear them yet. I don't want to wear them to the gym for lifting or cross training; I want to wait until the temps are a little warmer and I can wear them outside for a RUN! Oh Chicago weather, why must you be so confusing! I like to "save" my favorite workout clothes for group runs, long runs, or races. I think I get to enjoy them the most that way. Do you feel the same way about workout clothes? Do you "save" your favorite workout outfits for certain types of workouts?


  1. I bet you will rock that workout tonight. Although, I totally understand feeling intimidated! I get that way with my speedwork and long runs, despite knowing I can do it.

    It would feel so weird to only run two miles! I bet you were itching for more, and to go faster, like you said :)

    WTF - leave those pretzels at the office! Or, melt chocolate and cover them in chocolate. Ha ha ha.

    I wear my fave stuff all the time, but do think about what I wear for group runs. :)

  2. Thanks for the confidence! I know I can do it... :) I'm glad I'm not the only one intimidated by the thought of a tough workout. But then again, if every workout was easy, how would we improve?

    It was strange to run only 2 miles. My dog was like WTF? We both wanted to go faster and to go for more, but held back.

    I like the sound of this chocolate you speak of. I have the PB&C Dark Chocolate Dreams I could always use! Yesss!

    I thought more about the outfit for my group run tonight than I did about the outfit I wore to work today. #runnerdproblems :)

  3. Oh fat free pretzles are the WORST! I used a runners world plan for my first few Half's and they worked so well... i would tweak it a little here and there to meet my needs, or silly injuries but the most part I stuck to it. Good luck training!

  4. Haha, I'm glad I'm not the only one to have made this awful, awful mistake! What I like most about the RW plan is that it is adjustable. I think it is a good idea for half marathons, but for a full I just can't go with anything else but my pal Hal Higdon! :)


  5. I totally save clothes for races! And shoes! I have a "race pair" of shoes that are usually only for long runs and races.

    Good luck with the workout tonight!!!

  6. On Tuesday night, I started going through my running clothes and pulling out various options to set aside to make sure I had a clean, matching outfit for Saturday's 10K. I narrowed it down to one outfit last night, but now I think I'm going to wear my FNRC shirt. Luckily it's clean.

  7. Take those pretzels, stick a Rolo on them, stick them in the oven until the Rolo gets melty, then push a walnut down on the Rolo. Instant turtles that make up for the lack of fat in the pretzel. And yummy!

    I have two pairs of shorts that I save for races. I will occasionally wear them for other runs but they're my favorites and I like to save them.

  8. OMG DUH!!! I love the Rolo idea! A great way to make gross pretzels taste better. :)

  9. Me too! I have special shoes that I like to wear for speed workouts and races. :)

    Thanks! :)