Monday, August 10, 2015

Reflections on the First Trimester... The 2nd Time Around

I've been pretty quiet on the blog and social media lately. Why? Turns out that growing a tiny human can be pretty exhausting. I found out I was pregnant with Baby #2 on Memorial Day Weekend, when I was up to my ears in my CFA studies. I was so worried that the stress of the exam might harm the little nugget baby in some way. The day of the exam I saw at least 6 women that were very pregnant. That made me feel a bit better.

Studying away

And that's a positive pregnancy test

With Patsy, we got pregnant right away. The first try in fact. When we felt it was time to have another baby, it took a little longer than expected. I was still nursing which I think acted as a form of birth control. Many women have gotten pregnant while breastfeeding so it definitely is not a fool proof form of birth control, but for some women it can be. Anywaysssss once the exam was over, I was really excited to focus on enjoying my summer with Patsy. We told my mom and cousin about the pregnancy but my SIL was getting married in a few weeks and I wanted to wait until after the wedding before we told my husband's family. The day of the wedding I took empty shots of fireball and drank O'Doul's out of a champagne glass to keep suspicions at bay. Something I learned after being unable to keep the secret very well the first time around.

When I was around 6 weeks pregnant, I started to feel the symptoms of pregnancy within the first trimester. I hope this isn't TMI for you. If so, feel free to click the close box.
  • Nausea - oh wow, the nausea. I'm 14+ weeks now and I'm still nauseous
  • Fatigue - chasing around an almost 2 year old helps with this one too
  • Tender and sore breasts (oh yes, this is for real)
  • Increased amount of trips to the bathroom
  • Food aversion
That last one really goes hand-in-hand with the nausea. I can no longer drink coffee; thank goodness Starbuks offers the refresher drinks that include a dose of caffiene. I've also now fallen in love with the white tea lemonade with ginger puree at Argo Tea. Seriously, it is THE BEST.
Starbucks Very Berry Hibiscus, light ice & extra berries

For about 1 month straight, I ate nothing but grilled cheese for dinner every night. I think Chris and Patsy are now officially sick of grilled cheese. 
And of course you can't loose with a combo mac and cheese grilled cheese. Yes, you're seeing that right.

The nausea has made it really challenging to get any motivation to workout. I tried a Barre class for the first time and had to leave in the middle of the class so I could go throw up. I'm telling you guys--first trimester nausea is no joke. I haven't been able to run as much in this pregnancy as I did with Patsy. But I'm still having fun and trying to workout when I can!

So this is what's been going on in my life!
Oh and here's a fuzzy pic of our new little baby on the way!

I hope you enjoy the ride the second time around, just as much as the first time! If you have any questions about pregnancy, babies, Patsy or anything, don't be afraid to ask!

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