Thursday, July 30, 2015

Throwback Thursday: My First Half Marathon

7 years ago in August of 2008, I finished my very first half marathon. Thanks to the wonders of technology and internet creeping, I've been able to find photos and the original time of that first half marathon.

I remember it fondly. I lived in the city and did most of my training runs along the lake front before work (where I woke up later than I do every day now). I did a lot of evening runs on the treadmill at the 24 hour gym down the street. I may or may not have done a 4 miler at 11pm after a long day at work. Oh to be in my early 20s again...

I bought an iPod shuffle specifically for the Nike+ capabilities and that was how I tracked all of my runs. In retrospect, the distance of my training was probably a little off. My goal of the race was to finish, so I think that was enough.

I wore a t-shirt from another race (which I thought was SUPER COOL); the Corporate Challenge that I had completed earlier that year. I wore shorts I had bought from Target. It was before C9, I think, so I don't even know what the "brand" was. I had my Asics and my orthodics... I was ready to go!

The race was called the Chicago Distance Classic and sadly, 2008 was its last year. It was a simple out and back course along the lake front.

Looking at these photos, I hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane. Also, lets take a look at the outfits of other runners. Not much pizazz. Lots of cotton tees. In the 3rd photo, I think a guy behind me is wearing CARGO SHORTS. Running clothing has really come a long way in recent years, especially for women. Thank goodness!!

2:18:43. That was my finish time 

My mom and I after the race. She came to the city to cheer me on!
What was your first half marathon? Do you have fun photos from the event?

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