Thursday, March 6, 2014

Free Race Entry to Spartan -- Contest

Now that I'm a new mom, I've been looking for different ways to challenge myself.
Obligatory mom and Patsy photo
When the people at Spartan contacted me, I felt it was a perfect time for this opportunity. Having completed the Warrior Dash and seen many various obstacle course races gaining popularity, at first I didn't really understand the hype behind the Spartan. What made this race so different from the rest? Well, after doing some research, turns out there are a lot of differences.

First, the distance. The Spartan here in Illinois is an 8-9 mile course. That is a distance worth training for on its own.

Next, the obstacles. They are not simply a rope net to climb up or a creek to run through. Overturning tires, climbing up a single rope, army crawling under barbed wire... Just to name a few. (Check out the video on Spartan's homepage for more info.)

In order to successfully complete the Spartan, one must put in the extra effort to train for it. BUT, you don't have to do it alone. Some of these obstacles require assistance and you can have friends help you complete the course.

Why am I telling you all of this? I'm looking for a friend who wants to complete the course with me! The event is in Marsailles, IL on Saturday, September 27 (for the 9:30am wave). Instead of putting together a "traditional" giveaway, I want to switch things up a bit! I'm hosting a contest!

If you'd like to win free entry to the Spartan race to run with me, answer the following questions in any way you wish. Writing, photos, drawings, video... Be creative!
1) Why do you want to be a Spartan?
2) Why do you want to complete the Spartan with me?
3) What is your goal for this race?

Contest entries will be judged based on willingness to have fun and complete the race without being afraid to put in the extra work. My goal for the Spartan is to get stronger and have fun doing it! Depending on where the winner is located, we could get together for strength training workouts or long runs throughout the training process. The Spartan race is no joke, and I'm excited for the adventure of training and completing this crazy race with one of you!

Submit your entries via email to runningkellometers (at) gmail (dot) com. Leave a comment on this post once you have sent in your entry to make sure that nothing is caught in the spam filter. Only entries received via email will be counted (instagram comments, tweets or facebook comments/messages will not count as your entry).

The contest opens TODAY and entries will be accepted until Sunday, April 6. (That is one month from today.) Please check back on Monday, April 7 to see if you have won. I will also be contacting the winner via email.

If you'd like to talk about this contest via social media, use the hashtag #spartanwithkelly

Patsy, Pepper and I are looking forward to reviewing all of your entries and I'm excited to see who would like to take on the challenge of the Spartan with me!


  1. believe me... I'm not interested in this race, and you better not pick this application. But I sure am excited to see the entries!

  2. Hello I sent you an email, thanks! (Sarah Blissett)

  3. I sent you an email! Happy reading!

  4. So, I've been sitting on this for about a week now. Had to make sure a school event didn't conflict. But, I bit the bullet and sent you an email!