Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Summary Through Race Shirts

Monica at Run Eat Repeat did a fashion show with all of her race shirts one year and I totally loved the idea. Also, I think I had too much fun modeling my winter jackets... So here we go again!

Row 1: 
February 11 - Cupids Chase 5k
I didn't understand what "available" and "unavailble" meant when registering. Luckily they allowed me to swap.

March 18 - Get Lucky Half Marathon
I wear this hoodie all.the.time. I wasn't a fan of the race, but I'm glad I ran it specifically for this hoodie.

March 25 - Shamrock Shuffle 8k
I don't understand why the shirts are red either.

April 1 - ChiTown Half Marathon
My arms are long and therefore the sleeves and thumb holes do not fit properly. I still like the pullover though.

Row 2: 
May 6 - Palos Half Marathon
Love these shirts!

May 12 - Quarryman Challenge
The race was canceled but we still got to keep our shirts. It is a unisex long-sleeved tech tee. I am swimming in mine but it is nice for winter layering.

May 26 - Two Rivers Meet 10k
This race had menu pricing so you didn't have to buy the shirt if you didn't want to. This was my first race in Indiana, so I wanted the shirt.

June 3 - Wisconsin Dells Half Marathon
This shirt is sooooo soft. It isn't dryfit but it sure is comfy!

Row 3:
June 9 - Ragnar Relay Volunteer
This shirt is one of the stiffest cottons I've ever felt. I never wear it as it is quite uncomfortable. It was also so hot on race day, that they didn't make us wear these shirts, which I appreciated.

June 14 - Jim Gibbons 5k
The v-neck leads to this one fitting kind of weird. It is a women's size but I just don't like how this one fits. Plus, with it being black and white, I'm not quite sure how to wash it. Bleach or not? This is why I don't buy things that are multi-colored with white.

June 17 - Warrior Dash
An ill-fitting unisex tee, but the cotton is soft and comfy. Definitely an improvement over the non-soft cotton shirt from 2011.

July 22 - Rock N Roll Half Marathon
For some reason I ordered a medium in this race shirt instead of a small. I was unable to exchange it at the expo and I forgot to exchange it on race day. So now I have a too-big shirt that I don't wear all that often.

Row 4:
October 6 - Old Plank Trail 5k
I love that this shirt isn't white. However, my arms are too long for the sleeves. This is a common problem.

October 20 - Zooma Half Marathon
I'm not sure how I feel about this shirt. I thought I would love it, but I think the sizing is kind of weird. I would like it to be more fitted

November 4 - Hot Chocolate 15k
I love this hoodie! This race was very poorly planned and poorly organized, but they really improved on the swag from 2011 (those jackets were just awful).

December 9 - Jingle Bell 5k
Although it is another cotton long-sleeved shirt I don't need, I liked that the shirt had a Christmas theme. This is probably one I will keep around for a little while, if only to wear while Christmas shopping. :)

2012 Year Race Tally: 
5ks: 6
4 Mile: 1
8k: 1
10k: 1
15k: 1
Half Marathons: 6

PRs: 4 (5k, 8k, 10k, half marathon)

I did a lot of speedwork this year, since I wasn't marathon training, and it appears to have paid off. I know I still have better times in me, and I will be working on them this upcoming year (duh). It is kind of crazy to think I ran as many 5ks as I did half marathons. Before this year, I had only run a half marathon once. I ran more than my goal of 12 races, but I had a lot of fun doing it. Some races I ran with friends, and some I ran too close to one another. Either way, I am going to be more selective with my races in 2013 and I have been restraining from registering before the price increases (those totally sucked me in last year). What was your favorite race shirt from 2012? Have you collected as much as me over the past year?


  1. I love this style of recap! So clever! And your comments on the shirts... lol. The one with the thumbholes in the wrong spot is too funny... and unfortunate! I like the places that have a mene to decide if you want a shirt! I have way too many. I give the weird sized ones to Steven to wear while he works on the car.

    I am not sure what my fave shirt would be! I really liked the pullovers I got at Veterans Marathon and the Turkey Trot I did.

    Congrats on so many races and so many halves! Very cool!

    P.S. Pepper should be in more pics for the next recap. Just sayin' ;)

  2. Love this idea!

    Cheers to 2013!

  3. Thanks! I remember Monica at Run Eat Repeat doing something similar for either 2010 or 2011 and I really loved the idea. Yes, thumbholes rarely fit my long arms properly. I'm thinking that Kelsey may have the same problem as me? Maybe. A lot of the weird-sized ones either end up in the donation pile or for winter layering.

    Thanks so much! Pepper doesn't like modeling for photos, I've come to realize. You should check out the vlog tomorrow *spoiler alert*! :)

  4. Great idea to sum up your year of running!!

  5. This is great!! I tried on my ZOOMA shirt for the first time yesterday and was surprised at how ill-fitting it was. I also found the Jim Gibbons shirt to be really big on me. I probably should have sized down. Also, I don't bleach anything, and I was all of the tech fabrics separately with cold water on the delicate cycle.

    My favorite shirt is probably the Chi-Town or Fort2Base pullovers. I like the hoodies we got for the Rockdale 10K, but I wish they had a little bit of stretch to them.

  6. I think the Jingle Bell one was pretty cool. I usually donate my race shirts after a year or two as my closet gets too full of shirts I don't wear!

  7. I'm glad I'm not the only one disappointed with the Zooma shirt. I also feel the Jim Gibbons shirt fits super weird. Looks like there are even problems with gender-specific sizing. FWP fo sho.

    I like my Chi-Town pullover, but the thumbhole thing is very annoying, and I went a size-up on that one too. Oh well.

  8. I agree, I like to donate some of mine too. However, with tech tees becoming more popular, I have less of a need to donate since I enjoy wearing them to workout, even if only in the winter.

  9. This was a fun idea!! I was also disappointed with the ZOOMA shirt. The Hot Chocolate race did at least redeem itself in the swag category this year (I agree the jacket was horrible last year!) .

  10. love the shirts! Happy New Year!

  11. I need to do this in 2013, how neat!

  12. Yeah, that jacket has been demoted now to "throwaway" material, if I ever run another race that requires it. Yikes.

  13. I can't take credit for the idea, but I definitely had fun doing it! Pepper wanted to be in all the photos (just kidding).

  14. seriously, that get lucky sweater, i wear it every day to walk the dog. The neighbors are starting to judge me.

  15. Haha, I wear mine around the house with my pj pants pretty much every night. My husband now realizes that he married a hillbilly