Garmin Forerunner 405 My husband got me this for Christmas last year in preparation for running my first marathon in 2011. I love the history it keeps as well as the additional data you are able to see online. Also, it is quite durable considering my dog chomped on it once, and aside from some teeth marks, there was no damage done. My only complaint is that the maps and elevations that I love so much on the website are archived and no longer available after a certain date. I wish it would be available for at least a year or something... Other than that, I love this watch!

Asics GT 2170 New kicks and I am IN LOVE

(Full product review here) Trail shoes that I won from RFK!

Mizuno Wave Inspire 8

 Nike Running Vapor Cyclone Jacket. Found it at TJ Maxx - no longer on Nike's site. If you see one of these at your local Nike Outlet or TJ Maxx/Marshall's, I HIGHLY recommend picking one up. They ran kind of small so I was happy to grab a medium. It is perfect for rainy (or snowy) days and fits comfortably over layers. The jacket also has a side pocket for keys, iPod, etc, in addition to its hood. Amazing in more ways than one.
pic of me wearing said jacket