Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Saucony Progrid Xodus 2.0 Trail Shoe Review

Based on a few questions that I've gotten recently (and some encouragement from TTF), and considering the weather conditions in this lovely bipolar Chicago winter, here is a product review of my trail shoes, Saucony Progrid Xodus 2.0. First things first, the story behind the shoe purchase (I mean, what's the fun in just a review without a story, right??). Running for Kicks hosted a local trail run on a Saturday in early/mid November. Amanda and I ran the hilly 5.75 mile loop together. The run was sponsored by Saucony and had a big turnout.
After completing the run, we headed to the store for hot chocolate and bagels--the perfect post-run fuel. They had 3 pairs of Saucony trail shoes that they were raffling off. I had never worn the Saucony brand before so I happily took my raffle ticket--and won!
At RFK with the other trail shoe winners

Needless to say, I was beyond excited. I haven't bought shoes at Running for Kicks before so I was excited to see what everyone was always talking about! Mel, the owner, asked me what I was looking for in a shoe. I overpronate, have orthopedic insoles, need a really sturdy and stable shoe, and currently run in the Asics Kayano 17s. Right away, he went to the back and came out with a pair of Saucony Progrid Xodus 2.0 for me to try. This pair had arch lock and was very stable. The shoes are water resistant and help with slippage out on the trail. I went out for a quick run around the parking lot to give them a feel. One of the shoes had a sharp something sticking through which was rubbing up against my heel. I'm not sure what it was, but after grabbing another pair, that was no longer an issue. (I think it was just a weird imperfection or something.)
Shoe twins

Now, for the actual review.

These shoes sure do grab your attention. The colors are a bit flashy for me, but I do like the reflective strips. The shoelaces seem to come untied an unusual amount of time, so I might consider swapping them out if you're not a fan. Also, I feel like my feet look enormous in these shoes. I normally wear a size 9 (already big boats) and these are a 9.5. They fit great with my orthodics and everything, but I just feel like the boats are extra big in these bad boys. I'm not sure if Saucony normally runs small, but this was my experience with this particular shoe.
Soure: Amazon

I've run with these shoes on both trails and concrete. When wearing them while running on sidewalks or streets, they seem bulky and heavy. When I switched it up and ran in the grass (shh, don't tell my neighbors), they instantly felt better--light and purposeful. I've been running in them a lot more through the slush and snow of the sidestreets, and they seem to do well on mixed terrain (light snow, melted slush, wet concrete). My toes stay somewhat dry (versus my normal trainers) and I think they really do help with the slipping factor. It's not like wearing YakTrax or anything--don't get me wrong. If there is an icy patch, you'll probably still fall, but I think in the grand scheme of things they are helpful.

They seem to be in the average range for a running shoe, depending on the size and where you look. Amazon lists it at $95-$100. (Running for Kicks had them priced at $100 last I checked. Not sure about other local running stores or if they carry them. Please let me know in the comments if you know otherwise, and I'm happy to post.)

I liked/like these shoes and would recommend them to others. To be honest, if I didn't win the raffle, I probably wouldn't have paid money to buy these on my own. Now that I have them, I'm glad I do. A trail shoe might just be something else I can keep in the shoe rotation! :)
Inaugural run!

Do you own any trail shoes? What prompted you to buy them? If not, what ones are you currently eyeing? What's your preferred brand of trail shoes or trainers?

*I was not compensated in any way for this review by Saucony or Running for Kicks. The thoughts and views expressed on my blog are completely my own.


  1. Well Kelly, of course I own the same pair! Since I got 20% off, and I was jealous of you winning...I had to buy them too!
    I've owly worn them a small handful of times. Seemed to work well in the snow ad does help a little with slipping. The traction on the bottom of the shoe is better than a regular running shoe. I'm glad I have them and would like to put them to the test when it's spring and we can run in some good trail areas! And maybe a trail run soon after??

  2. congrats on winning, that is SO Awesome!! great review! I run in saucony's and absolutely love them!

    ps. where did you get your ear warmer band?? i have been searching the stores of Chicago and can't seem to find one...

  3. Thanks!

    Unfortunately, I have no clue where I found my head warmer band. I found it in the bottom of the "winter accessories" basket. Have you tried a place like Target? They might have something -- even something moisture wicking? (The C9 brand is pretty great from my own experiences as well as others')

  4. Amanda (TTF) was talking about trying to get a group together to head to Waterfall Glen on Good Friday. I know a lot of offices are closed and I think schools are on spring break.

  5. Kelly, you are wearing my shoes. I know there were meant to be mine. I was going to that event specifically to win those shoes, then my baby was vomiting and I had to stay home with my lil man. Although I am STILL green with envy at both missing out on the FREE shoes and the 20% discount, I am happy that YOU won! I did order these from RFK on Monday. They run small compared to normal Saucony sizes as I too had to go up a half size. I'll let you know what I think when I get them. I'm super excited! And yes, Good Friday is the planned day for the next Water Fall Glen run. I haven't scheduled the official "event" as of yet but I have started to tell people (just haven't told hubby yet!). See you soon!

  6. Haha, I think you will be the 3rd person I know (not including myself) that owns these exact shoes. Saucony must be doing something right in the trail department to have such a great shoe worn by great runners. I'm glad this review was helpful!

    Hopefully I'm off work on Good Friday--have to check the holiday schedule!

  7. I LOVE the look of those shoes! I just assumed that i could never wear trail shoes (or really be a trail runner) because i over pronate alot. Thanks for the review!

  8. Fist bump to the overpronaters! If you're looking for a trail shoe, I highly recommend these guys. My feet do not move when I'm wearing these. Glad you found the review helpful! :)

  9. I love these shoes of yours. I don't own any trail shoes but I have only been running since the end of June....I recently fell in love with trails and will definitely be investing in a pair come spring :)

  10. I would have never bought them on my own, but with this weather, I'm glad I have them! :)