Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Fleet Feet Shakeout Run aka I Met Lauren Fleshman

As some of you may know, I have quite an admiration for Lauren Fleshman. We both run for Oiselle, and we became first time moms within a few months of each other. I was very jealous of my fellow Oiselle Ambassadors that they got to spend a week with her at bird camp earlier this summer. When Lauren announced that she would be coming to the wonderful city of Chicago for the Mag Mile Half Marathon, I just knew I had to meet her! As the race was on Sunday over Labor Day weekend, we had plans to go to Michigan. I adjusted our plans so we were able to meet up at Fleet Feet Chicago (South Loop) for a fun run/shakeout run along the lakefront path.

We got downtown on Saturday morning pretty easily and the South Loop store is in a really cute area. I brought Patsy and the jogging stroller with me and we were ready to go! Patsy made lots of friends while waiting for the run to start. I ran into Erica and some of the Oiselle Flock too.
Pre-run shot at the Fleet Feet South Loop store. Source

We headed out from the store to the lakefront path and did some stretching exercises and warm ups. Patsy decided that she didn't want to do the stretches and warm ups so I held her during most of them. (Eh, a moms gotta do what a moms gotta do.)
Can you spot me in the back with Patsy? Source

When it was time for the run to start, I started in the back and chose the 3 mile option. It was nice to see some new faces and the fasties on their way back.

Starting off in the back with another stroller mom. Source
Can you spot Erica?

After the run, on the walk back to the store, I spotted LF and took the time to say hi, introduce myself, and chat her up a bit. She recognized me and thought we had met before. I told her how I run for Oiselle and we were pregnant at the same time. I told her about that time I posted, with my big ole pregnant belly, in a "Lauren Fleshman is my Homeboy" shirt. She remembered that. Haha. We got the chance to talk about our babies, child birth and nursing, and other various topics. She is so down to earth and was amazingly easy to talk to. I'm so thankful that I got the chance to meet her and I hope we get to hang out again someday! Patsy slept for most of the run, which was awesome. She woke up right when we got back to the store, perfect timing to take some photos with LF!
Patsy and I with THE Lauren Fleshman!

Lauren then asked if she could hold Patsy. Obviously I said yes, she picked her up, and kissed her on the cheek. It was so cute and made me love LF even more (as if that were possible). I'm so glad that Patsy got the chance to meet such a wonderful and empowering female athlete (and someone who's poster is hanging up on her wall). I'm looking forward to following LF's career as a family in the years to come. :)

I had an absolute blast spending my Saturday morning in the city. It was totally worth delaying the trip to Michigan for the experience. I hope LF makes it back to Chicago again soon!


  1. How very cool. She seems like such a nice person as well as an incredible runner. Hopefully, they'll invite you to Bird Camp next year!

  2. Thanks Pete! She is just as nice, if not nicer, than she appears! I did get invited to Bird Camp this past year but chose not to go because I didn't want to leave my baby for several days! Maybe next year. :)

  3. Yes, and when you go to Bird Camp you can wear your "Lauren Fleshman is my Homeboy" t-shirt!

  4. So jealous you go to meet her! But I am also happy for you too. I hope she makes another visit to Chicago soon.

  5. Thanks Zenaida! She said she'd be back soon. Hope you get to meet her next time!

  6. Yay yay yay, I'm so glad you (and Patsy!) got to meet her!!! And that you had a lovely morning! Sorry I missed you, I was doing my "long swim" of the weekend and the Park District pool hours are quite limited.

  7. Yes, looked like we missed each other by literally a few minutes. Maybe next time, BRF!

  8. I've always thought she seemed cool! So fun to meet her! :)

  9. Thanks Kim! I had a blast meeting her and I'm glad I got the opportunity! :)

  10. Agh! So friggin' cute! She seems fun and real down to earth.

  11. How cool!!!! And Patsy is just too cute!