Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Saturday Strength With Kim

A little while ago, Kim had sent out an email to her blogger friends about a weekend workout class she would be hosting. The date of the class happened to coincide with my clearance to work out, so I was in and excited about it. I haven't attended a strength class in a long time and this was the perfect opportunity. I made the over an hour trek to Essential Fitness with plenty of time to spare. Bobbi had so graciously agree to watch baby Patsy while I worked out. As Bobbi is a fellow mom, it total put me at ease leaving Patsy with her. :)

Pre-class photo... Complete with Bobbi and baby
L to R: Bobbi, me, Erin, Rachel, Maggie, Alyssa, Anne, Melanie and Amy
Class got started and the playlist continuously made us smile. It kind of reminded me of a sleepover from when I was younger. Kim was a great teacher and had some slight modifications for my weak arms and it was quite helpful. Erin had brought up an interesting point before class started. We were talking about how many women have a mindset that they can't lift a certain amount of weight. I used to be in this mindset so I totally get it. I actually thought about this during the class. The smallest bar weight that everyone had been given was 12 pounds. Kim had given me a 6 and 9 pound weight, depending on what I could do. For one of the exercises, I was going to use the 6 pound weight... But then I thought "Patsy weighs 9 pounds and I lift her all the time" so I went with the 9 pound weight instead of the 6.

In between instructing us, Kim was able to take some sweet action shots of our workouts. Don't mind me working my butt off in the corner!

My arms and abs were so sore for the next day, which I guess means it was a pretty good workout! Special thanks to Kim for hosting the class for her pals that live far away from Essential Fitness. Thanks to Bobbi for watching Patsy while I worked out! I had an absolute blast.


  1. Aww looked like a fun day! :)

  2. We are stronger than we think :-) You kicked butt!

  3. My arms are STILL a little sore from Saturday! Kim definitely knows how to whip us into shape ;) It was fun to see you and Patsy!

  4. my inner thighs are still sore.

  5. I am so crashing the next workout! Looks like a blast!

  6. Yay! Thanks for writing this! I am so happy you made the long trek up and it worked to bring Patsy too!

    And I am very happy you self monitored and grabbed that 9 pounder! It's good to push yourself, especially when you put it in to perspective with what you already can do! :)

  7. No, Thank YOU for being a great instructor! Being able to bring Patsy definitely made the outing more enjoyable. :)