Thursday, April 18, 2013

Quarryman 5k Challenge Race Recap

Last year I signed up for the Quarryman Challenge 10 Miler, ready to run. Mother Nature had other plans and the race was cancelled. This year, they made a few changes: moved the race to April, modified the course, and offered an extreme discount to all participants from the previous year. I was debating whether or not to sign up when the discount was first announced last year. All things considered, I'm glad I waited. I decided to sign up for the 5k and bring along my favorite running buddy. The race didn't have anything on their website about not bringing dogs so I decided to just bring her and hope for the best.

I got to the race about an hour early and was able to pick up my packet and shirt. I always love local races and the possibility of race-day packet pickup! The swag bag contained tons of leaflets on other 5ks in the area, a unisex long-sleeved tech tee, our bibs and timing chip. I left Pepper in the car while I went to pick up the packet. After dropping things back off at the car, I picked up the pup and headed to the start. We met up with the FNRC and got a nice pre-race photo.

I got a special one of me and the pup in our race day outfits too.

My strategy going into this race was to take it easy (obviously). I was going to walk up all the hills and see how I felt on the flats. I liked that the 5k and 10 mile races had 2 different start times. It helped avoid confusion when deciding paths. We also didn't run into the 10 milers on the course which I thought was helpful and kept things nice and organized. My Garmin didn't feel like working so I don't have an elevation map of the course. There were a lot of hills, but I felt like it was a comfortable amount. If I was running the course for time, I probably would have been pretty frustrated. Since I was running it for fun, I had a good time. The volunteers along the course were helpful, encouraging, and all really nice. Then again, it might have been since I had an adorable furry four-legged pal keeping me company. There was a water stop about halfway through and then another one near the end. As Pepper had to take care of some "business" close to the end of the race, I'm glad that water stop was there so I could use their garbage can.
Pepper and I mid-race

Fitting traditional pregnant lady stereotypes, I had to pee about a mile into the race and there weren't any port-a-potties along the course. That certainly made the 2nd half of the course interesting. Lol. Some members of the FNRC were there at the finish to cheer us all in as we finished. The post race party had some nice perks including water bottles, orange slices, juice, pizza, and beer. I was a little disappointed I couldn't partake in the beer (it was Summer Shandy, my favorite), but I did enjoy a piece of pizza. As I know most of the runners hadn't yet come in from the 10 miler, I only grabbed 1 slice (and gave Pepper my pizza crust. She totally earned them). Maggie's husband Robert and I hung around with some other FNRC members while we waited for the 10 milers to finish.

I ran into Erica who did an amazing job on the course (despite accidentally driving to the wrong location before the race). I was also able to see Maggie chick a few dudes and finish strong! I would have hung around for the raffle, but it was just too cold and I really needed a warm beverage. Before we had even left the parking garage, Pepper was sound asleep in the back seat.
Maggie & I after the race

All in all, I'm glad I did this race. It is a nice, well organized event that I would recommend for anyone looking for a challenge or to switch things up. The 10 miler is definitely the flagship event and many of the local fasties soak up the age group awards. I would still like to maybe do the 10 miler at some point in the future. This race was very dog-friendly. Pepper was one of 3 dogs I saw participating in the event. There were also quite a few dogs on the sidelines. All the dogs were well behaved and I was really glad I brought her. I would highly recommend this race if you live in the area or not. I think the challenge of this fun event is worth the drive.


  1. Thanks for the race recap! my wife would be mad jello over the green vibe! Glad Pepper got a shirt!

  2. Thanks! We had a lot of fun at the race. I'm hoping to be back again next year

  3. I still think it's so adorable that you and Pepper did a race together. If only my little mutt knew how to run instead of pretending to pee so he can get a break.

  4. Thanks! I was so excited that they got an awesome photo of us out on the course! If only Pepper could learn to pee on the leash when walking instead of only while running. (She's a strange dog.)

  5. That's awesome that you were able to run with Pepper. BTW, I loved Pepper's version of the race as well! :-)

  6. I really hope you get that race pic of the two of you printed and framed. It's too cute.

    I agree this is a great race! And it definitely attracts some serious runners! But those hills are no joke.

  7. I just might have to. :) I'm really glad I only did the 5k this year for more than 1 reason. :)